Preachers gone rogue in COVID Pandemic – Cleric juicing sweetheart in da church!

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NASSAU| A second cleric has been found behaving badly and is about to get some words from his senior pastor.

The preacher was recently moved out of the BIG YARD after he big-up a young school girl in that part of the country. Well, what is this?!

To cover his sins, clerics moved the cleric and his new bride to a community in the north and ordered him to stay away from the lil gals dem. But he didn’t listen.

The cleric is a rude boy and as fast as he settled at his new church home, one young gal turned up the heat on the cleric. Before ya knew his scent of the affair was all stinking  through the church! Now BP ain’t playing with yinner – yall keep it up and we ga call ya name! Keep it up!

The cleric had married a beautiful Bahamian gal from a prominent family in the country. But the preacher is a known sly mongoose!

News of the slack affair is so bad attendance at the church significantly dropped with worshippers demanding the nastiness stop!

We at BP are sending this warning to the cleric: You could be the preacher all you want but having sex with the flock while you disgrace ya wife shall not be tolerated. The members might not say anything but we will!

We report yinner decide!