Preacher’s son gets light-skinned gal heavy and delivers the first grandchild out of wedlock….

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NASSAU| A cleric, who is all over the place telling people how to live is now a grandfather to his unwed son’s child.

The preacher’s son couldn’t resist the temptation of a beautiful light skinned Grand Bahama girl while the country was on lockdown and decided it was time to start a family.

Sources on Grand Bahama tell us after the young lad read a story on BP of a dangerous sweetheart-keeping (juicing preacher) in the Grand Bahama area, who was dealing up with all the pretty gals dem, he was encouraged to fly to the island to check out the scene.

Now that the senior cleric is a grandpappy, we wonder if the christening service will be a private one? Or if a shot-gun wedding is being planned for the coming weeks. Ahh Boy!

Some now believe the senior cleric should have moved the ‘dutty’ pastor out of Grand Bahama so the young people there could not pick up his wicked sweet-heart-baby-making ways. Before being sent to Grand Bahama the dutty preacher bigup a young gal inside a public high school in Andros. But that too was swept under that dutty dingy rug!

WHAT IS THIS? This one ga be long!

We ga report and let yinner decide!