President Bill Clinton, Dame Marguerite Pindling and Archbishop Drexel Gomez all rally in North Andros to endorse Dr. Perry Gomez


PLP Leader Perry G. Christie centre lifts the hand of celebrated doctor and PLP candidate for North Andros and the Barry Islands Perry Gomez and South Andros MP Picewell Forbes.

Major Endorsements Follows PLP North Andros and Berry Island Candidate at GOLD RUSH EVENT!!! A DOCTOR IS HEADED TO THE HOUSE!

Nassau, Bahamas — If last night in Nicholl’s Town was anything, it was more than a smashing success and could mean the FNM candidate in North Andros and the Berry Islands is just may not get his deposit back.

PLP chiefs Christie, Davis, and Roberts pulled out all the stops last night as the Party’s GOLD RUSH machinery landed in the BIG YARD!

All over Andros, PLP crabs gathered to witness what was the biggest endorsement night for the PLP since the campaign began.

Androsians turned to the big screens to watch United States President Bill Clinton celebrate and endorse the work of Dr. Michael Perry Gomez, who is the PLP candidate for the area. With the kindest of words, the former US President spoke of Dr, Gomez’s commitment to the work of medicine and his dedication to preserving the lives of many during the height of the HIV crisis.

Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip Brave Davis asked why did the FNM Charmichael MP abandoned the his constituents.

Clinton went on to celebrate Perry Gomez, mentioning his decorated accomplishments around the world.

But if that was not enough, also sharing the podium and lauding the work of Dr, Gomez, was wife of former Prime Minister and an Androsian herself, Dame Marguerite Pindling, who told Androsians last night it is time to do that ‘ting’ [vote]!

“Heaven is looking down on us tonight, and you know, Andros, up there the streets are paved with Gold!

“And so I want you to support our candidate and the PLP. Put your hand beside the hand and if you’re not sure, put your hands in the hand,” she told a mass crowd of supporters just outside the Party’s headquarters.

Former Anglican Archbishop and current Assistant Bishop Drexel Gomez hailed his brother as one who made sacrifices for people all his life as he took the road to save lives while others followed the more lucrative avenues of the medical profession.

Bishop Gomez urged the community to join his brother and support him as the next MP for the constituency.

“Let the church say amen,” were the words coming from Bains and Grants Town MP, Dr. B. J. Nottage, who also showered praise on Gomez for his continued service to people.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.

Celebrating the people of Andros as “Strong and Resilient”, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts urged Androsians to “out-rightly reject the sick, low down and dirty tactics of a desperate Hubert Ingraham and Desmond Bannister.”

He called for the residents to embrace Dr. Gomez and urged their support for his respectable, credible, caring and hardworking leadership from a man who will put his shoulders to the wheel to fight for the interests of all in North Andros and the Berry Islands.

PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis echoed the accolades showered on Dr. Gomez, stating that he “has a heart of gold,” for the people of the Bahamas.

He reminded residents how Andros became the pacesetters for the movement of the PLP as it stunned the UBP by electing Clarence Bain and Cyril Stevenson as Members of the House of Assembly in the historic election of 1956.

The Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP cautioned Androsians that the last thing the country needs now is to reelect as its head someone who was described by former FNM Cabinet Minister Kenneth Russell as a “Tyrant and Dictator”.

Playing the song “Ask me Why I Run”, Davis advised the people of North Andros to ask “Desmond ‘Abandoned’ Bannister, who abandoned his constituents in Carmichael, “Ask him why he run?” he repeated.

PLP Leader Perry Christie assured Andros that when elected, Dr. Perry Gomez will play a significant role in the direction of the country.

Chiding Hubert Ingraham for his “nasty lies” against the PLP, Christie told Androsians to get ready to embrace a bright future with the Party that will put Bahamians first.

The young people of North Andros Believes in the Bahamas and the PLP.
PLP Gold Rush in Andros last night.
Let the celebration begin. PLPs flock Perry #1 and 2...


  1. Dr Gomez might have gotten the endorsements of these prominent persons,but I would like to know what are the plans of the PLP for Andros.Andros hasn’t fared well at all under the FNM and especially the PLP.Since Andros is reportedly the first Family Island to have elected a PLP MP,it should have been more advanced than it is today.Andros,in my view,is still in the Dark Ages.I don’t think Androsians should give the PLP that seat in North Andros.The PLP doesn’t deserve it at all.

  2. Yes Andros should vote PLP so they can continue to get what the PLP has always given them NOTHING. Formerly, 3 cabinet minsters and what do they have to show for their LOYAL PLP support. Andros got just what they deserve from the PLP. NOTHING!

  3. Yes Andros should vote PLP so they can continue to get what the PLP has always given them for the loyal support.Nothing! Shame not on the PLP but Shame on Andros.Columbus would surely recognize Andros if he came back today!Previously 3 PLP Cabinet Ministers what do they have to show for their loyal PLP support?

  4. One thing I see the PLP cannot hide their old tricks when it come to election time but the Bahamins are up to them. What Bill Clinton has to do with our election. If the Hatian President comments were nnot welcome than why should US President matters.The sight does more harm to this country than good. It continues to tell lies we know better

  5. As an Androsian,BP,I can tell you that the official Opposition PLP doesn’t deserve to win North Andros and The Berry Islands.While I appreciate the good work that Dr. Gomez has done in saving the lives of many in this country who have AIDS and HIV,I cannot condone the utter neglect that that island has received by former PLP administrations.Under Pindling,South Andros was virtually living in the Dark Ages.I understand that South Andros only just received certain amenities under the FNM in the 1990s.If Andros was so loyal to the PLP,why has it received so little attention from Sir Lynden’s government? Mr Christie should not be asking Androsians to vote for him,he should be asking for their forgiveness instead.Perhaps Andros should support the DNA.

  6. Media it’s “FORMER” President Bill Clinton, and Media he should NOT be sticking his nose into Bahamian politics, it’s was frown upon when the President of Haiti became involved.

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