Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s Despicable and Duplicitous treatment of his Constituents


Press Statement
By The Progressive Liberal Party
July 18th 2010

The Progressive Liberal Party wish to bring to the attention of the Bahamian public at large the duplicitous and despicable manner that The Prime Minister treats many of his constituents.

It has been brought to our attention that Ms Nia Cooper, daughter of Eddie and Sheila Cooper long time and well known residences of Grand Cay Abaco, who was recently selected by the Ministry Of Education to become the new Principal of the Grand Cay All Age School in the North Abaco Constituency had her appointment inexplicably rescinded.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Mrs. Sheila Cooper, who taught at the aforementioned school for more than thirty years and retired last year, Nia was poised to take up this position, which had been confirmed in writing.  Her appointment was purportedly not accepted by leading FNM Generals’ Roosevelt “the Emperor” Curry and George Russell, and a few teachers, who subsequently made contact with the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

As a result the Ms Nia Cooper’s engagement was rescinded.

Sources from Grand Cay wrote “ The FNM High and Mighty on Grand Cay are too dumb to recognize and appreciate that a young Lady who was taught and graduated from Grand Cay All Age School is capable (in spite of her family political affiliations) and would prefer to see the foreign expat principle Mr. Seeram remain as Principle”.

This is yet another blatant example of the PM interference in the affairs of the Educational professionals in the Ministry of Education and a reflection of his vindictive ways.

Aside from the education fiasco, the good people of Grand Cay have for many months also been suffering from a lack of potable water, as a result of the ongoing failure of the Reverse Osmosis Plant.

The Prime Minister, who visited Grand Cay over the past holiday weekend, spent the majority of his time fishing and never meet with the residences of the Cay to listen to their concerns and explain how and when the critical potable water shortage would be addressed.

The Progressive Liberal Party will like to advise the Prime Minister and his Minister’s responsible that the few gallons of water provided by the RBDF Officers can and will not suffice. The Prime Minister’s level of representation and interest in the residences of Grand Cay is woefully disgraceful, as his treatment can be best described as contemptuous. His Interest in fishing is greater than meeting with constituents and addressing their vital potable water needs.

Whilst the Grand Cay residents are made to suffer through a potable water shortage in the middle of the summer, we are reminded that The Prime Minister in his recent budget communication announced a freeze on hiring by the central government – with the exception of essential services.

Highly reliable sources out of Marsh Harbour Abaco have disclosed that some twenty-three persons have being hired and placed on monthly salaries by the Business and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Finance, effective July 19th 2010. A caring representative would have re-directed these resources to the address the potable water issues. The Prime Minister, however, decided to go fishing.

This is typical of the Prime Minister, as he is renowned for saying one thing and doing the opposite!


  1. Politics,politics thats all that Chairman Bethel and his cohorts in Grand Cay know.Now we see why so many kids in our country fall through the cracks.So what if the politics of the young lady is opposite that of the Govt?who cares once we are able to get the best product from her leadership.Even FNM loyalists have now taken a backseat as they fear being associated with the onslaught that is to come next Gen Elects.I say if you want to have a respectable showing then throw PAPA off the train lolo lolo.

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