Prince Hall Lodge Gets New Grand Master Who Came in Bearing Gifts


Grand Master Dean gave out honorary Past Grand Master and Past Worshipful Master titles like condoms at a health fair!

Leslie M. Dean is now the new Grand Master of the Prince Hall Lodge...
Leslie M. Dean is now the new Grand Master of the Prince Hall Lodge…

Nassau, Bahamas — Minutes after Leslie M Dean took the oath of Grand Master of Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas he gathered up twenty-plus of his close Masonic friends in the Order and some other young brothers who were hungry for recognition and didn’t want to put in the work, and bestowed honorary titles on them.

Grand Master Dean gave out honorary Past Grand Master and Past Worshipful Master titles like condoms at a health fair – a dime a dozen. BP was informed that some big shots of the land got theirs too, namely, Robert Sandy Sands, Past Grand Master. Our very own Prime Minister, Perry Christie also received a whole lot of degrees and Rev. Philip McPhee got some as well. This was definitely a case of, “Who didn’t get none, don’t want none.”

The new Prince Hall Grand Lodge comprises of, Leslie M. Dean, Grand Master; Kenrick Brathwaite, Deputy Grand Master; Lee Wallace, Grand Senior Warden and Selwyn Rolle, Grand Junior Warden. Ashford “Lord of Anejo” Ferguson will serve as Trustee. Rolle is a newcomer who remains unblemished, as a Mason, but is known to be a YES-man. This new Grand Lodge Cabinet has tons of work to do in restoring good brothers cast by the wayside by the former Culmer regime. Good brothers have the tools of a Mason handy and are ready to work.

Now Dean, an educator, is much smarter than the two previous Grand Masters of the Culmer, Eleutheran Adventurers clan. So BP is watching and waiting to see what he is going to do to restore the Order after the novelty of being made Grand Master wears off.

It is being said that Dean bought off the “Dark Horses” with meaningless honorary titles. They were set to come in, take over the elections and ultimately the Grand Lodge. They took the titles like groveling, grappeling dogs and rode off into the Masonic sunset salivating at the thought that they have a piece of meat to chew on until next election (four years from now) when they will return hungry and cackling like hyenas.

As Dean took out the scroll and started calling off names to receive the titles, brothers, it is being said, were jumping over rows of chairs to get to the front of the room near Dean to receive the honors. It is being said that one of the brothers was so drunk from the niceties of the hotel that the Grand Sessions were being held, that he fell flat on his face en route to get his honorary title, knocking out his front teeth. This did not stop the brother from getting his honorary title. He refused to leave the room to address his bloody ailment but stayed to get his honors, for fear the Grand Master replace him with someone else. This brother is no younger than sixty and a newcomer to Prince Hall. He could be seen wincing from the pain but that honorary title meant more to him that the teeth that God gave him being missing from his mouth. Let’s just call him Mr. Royal Arch as that’s what his mouth looked like.

Readers should be reminded that the new Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master are expecting babies this year by two sisters in the Order who were noticeably absent from the Grand Sessions. BP wishes them a safe delivery and hopes that the Grand Master and his deputy remembers their obligations to their sisters and remain by their sides during child bearing. We have learned that the Grand Master has remained decently silent about his baby but his Deputy, like the “Clanging Symbol” the Bible speaks about, has loudly, publicly and categorically denied he has sired the child of his girlfriend.

To add more disgraceful flavor to this pot, 32nd degree Mason and Customs Officer, Paul Cleare has been arrested on gun trafficking charges. These are the characters who are rewarded in Prince Hall while good, hard-working brothers are cast outside, having to peep through the cracks of lodge doors. Cleare has top honors and is only one degree away from having the highest honor in all of Masonry – 33 degrees.

Prince Hall Lodge is not respected within the Masonic body of The Bahamas for reasons such as these. The unorthodox practices are atrocious and appalling to other Masonic Constitutions. Needless to say Dean did not make a very good impression to those of the Masonic world.

We Report! Yinna Decide!! So Mote it Be!