Prince Hall Lodge Implodes on Blue Hill Road – Grand Master Gone Crazy

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Brent Symonette, receives an award from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Culmer, at the opening ceremony of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge and Chapter 59th and 45th Annual Grand Session held June 29, at SuperClubs Breezes, Cable Beach

Nassau, Bahamas — Prince Hall Lodge, located on Blue Hill Road continues to implode with the Grand Master, Carl Culmer, VP, BTC, wielding his proverbial ax and cutting down brothers at the knees at every opportunity if they dare to disagree with his dictatorial style.

Bahamas Press out of curiosity, decided to investigate the GM who is a boss at BTC. Coming to find out, this Culmer dictator not only tries to bully the brothers in his fraternity, but it is a fact that he refuses to take the word NO from ladies he might fancy on the job.

Bully Boy Culmer, who is a big time FNM, held down two girls at BTC and tried to have his way with them only to be restrained by co-workers who caught him “with his pants down” literally.

The ungrateful GM was to be fired on both occasions but was saved by Roscoe Davies, then a boss at BTC and also the father of Anglican priest, Stephen Davies, who the GM recently suspended from Lodge because Father Davies refused to agree with his ax and bury mentality.

Now we know the GM to be a bedroom bully but the men in his fraternal Cabinet are beasts. District Deputy, James Hutchison, a policeman, is sweet-hearting a sister in the female Order who happens to be the Director in a government Ministry. The “couple” move around boldly in the Order, holding hands, kissing and driving together, as they have the protection of Grand Master Culmer. Sweet-hearting within the ranks is frowned upon at the Lodge, but the beastly GM turns a blind eye to his loyalists. The third man in charge, Junior Warden and Banker Kendrick Brathwaite, held his wife at gun point for her to sign a divorce decree and was subsequently arrested and freed due to fraternal law enforcement ties.

Stephen Davis

Brathwaite is the “master” of the Grand Master as GM Culmer is not too smart. He takes his directives from Brathwaite who has it in for the most of the brothers being punished as they view him as a suck up and have blocked him from moving forward in his lodge. Brathwaite is filled with revenge.

BP was reliably informed that the conduct of the Grand Master and the other men in charge of this Lodge is the reason why the brothers revolted and attempted to remove them from office last week. So far the GM has expelled two men of good character – Everette Mackey a well known computer analyst and Eugene Nairn, an insurance executive, well loved throughout this country.

The Order was to hold a democratic election in which both men were to run as candidates for upper office. Dictator Culmer got wind of this and punished both men.

Lorne Basden, owner of Basden’s Elevators, was put on probation for receiving an email calling the Grand Master and his boys “punks”. The GM and his Junior Warden Banker Brathwaite use every moment of their time to plot against these men. Basden is one of the main targets for GM and his ax man Brathwaite. Basden, who spends all his time at Lodge, is loved by all in the fratenity, but constantly harrassed by the merry men for everything he does due to the fact that he is a big time PLP.

Swaziland PM and Rudy 'GAY GANGSTER' King lock hands at an honouree event in the Bahamas.

The GM and his merry men, are also suspected gays as they have tight ties with a well known gay con artist business man Rudy King who is also a Lodge man from another constitution, and knows all the secrets of Prince Hall and can inform his gay buddies of expulsions and suspensions before they occur.

Gay Rudy recently honored the GM and his merry men in a disgraceful ceremony that had as its guest, a tyrant/dictator from a foreign land.

Grand Master Culmer is no doubt plotting another move against those he hates. In the mean time he doesnt know he is destroying the Prince Hall Order. What was once a decent Secret Society is now quite public with members hanging their heads in shame and threatening to leave the fraternity for good.

BP stands by to see what’s next for Prince Hall. So much for a secret ORDER!


  1. i heard that the treasurer of the lodge got protection from affiliation from the lodge over the years. He was named by a DEA informant as the link between the Bahamas and Florida when he was “in school” in Daytona.Sources linked him to over 3 million dollars found in a storage facility, monies belonging to a late drug lord gunned down in JA.

  2. Clean out the skeltons in your own closet before indulging in other people business. Be it Lodge or personal. There is not one person on this earth that is perfect. There is so much other things happening in this country that is so more important then the lodge business. BIG DEAL WHO CARES WHO WAS SESPENDED FROM THE LODGE THE PROABLY DESERVED WHAT THEY GOT!!!!!!!

  3. carl culmer is a jerk let him know that he will be dealt with just like he was dealt with at his church at The AGM the people dont want him

  4. I grew up in this lodge. Some of these people are my friends. lODGE BUSINESS SHOULD STAY IN THE LODGE. Old Mr. Smith and others who built this lodge must be turning in their graves.

  5. I just wondering why we think this is Media worthy? We got out serious problem rather than what the lodge doing. Prince Hall suppose to be a secrete society of good men… Well BAM!!! Someone in your ranks is a snitch GM. lol

    • And guess who is the snitch? BP.. LOL!

      We ain’t in the ferternity, but just like we is big time members. We know all what going on…

      BREAKING NEWS<<< Everette Mackey was suspended from the Masons last night! WHAT A DISGRACE! BP

  6. Be very aware Mr. Mi******! There are consequences for you and all of your homosexual comrades. Since you have NO Shame then Say your name, then we will know how “brave” you really are!!

  7. bp hit the nail on the head with the GM,BP need to investigate the GM and his work ethics at work in network services

    • To BTC: We know we hit the nail on the head. We told the public Hubert Threatened his MPs, then he confirmed it. We told ya Jerome Sawyer shall be off the air as Anchor at ZNS, now we all see it. We told ya Malcolm Adderley shall resign, and he did.
      We also told you Leo Ryan Pinder along with Perry Gladstone Christie will lay a vicious blow on Hubert Ingraham and the Bad Candidate. And that happened to.

      Bahamas Press told our readers Branville McCartney shall resign from the FNM since in January of this year. We told ya who he was talking to and who all ga form the new independent Party! And guess what? That happened last week! And while we tilling yinner all this, the toilet paper sits outside the PLP headquarters waiting for YESTERDAY’s NEWS! WHAT A SHAME!



  8. Well spoken BP; some of us just don’t know how to act because we Government is ruling, this can be just the way this Grand Master feel and behaves. His historical back ground speaks to the principal that he is a supporter of the highest and his elevation on his job is viewed to be because of his close affiliation, I hope me can maintain after the change because many of those he suppressed are waiting, plenty sour grapes to be eaten. I know about Masons and your true to the point in most of your publication.

    Keep it going BP.


  10. This is one helluva story. Good job BP!! I am fully entertained. I suspect all those who have a problem with it probably are the characters in it. Ms Maillis needs to stay out of this drama. Why she so defensive of Masons? Could it be because she is seeing one of them herself. BP probably need to explore that next. Let me stop. So the Masons started their own in the Bahamas. Too sweet!

    • they cant going a round trying to control people life because all them up in the lodge may god help them because all them who step on people because they think they up there sorry for them and god

  11. BP I respected you until now but this is ridiculous and poor. You really went too far with this implicating and degrading ones character and blatantly call names and thier place of employment. YOU HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

    • hats off bp there are too many wolfs sick mined people in this country this is what someone on cross fire was talking about,we painting a perfect picture they dogs and we shouldn’t kiss up to men like them who know if they dont go a round raping women, i wonder what goes on in their home wow

    • g see this what am talking about wrong is wrong, why should someone commit dirty like that and be push under the table they need to be expose, people cant hide and do their dirty because they are up there come on people nasty is nasty and we are the same people who in church every morning telling god i thank you for what destroying lives my my we need to separate evil from good, the bible tell about thse people who will try destroy the upright amen BP like i say even if it was one of my family member doing wrong call them out

  12. I agree with Square you have gone too far. The names implicated and the families of these people are affected and much of this sounds and is trumped up to sensationalize this column. This is going to be far from over but you guys started it.

    • Compass…i dont think you know the drama they’ve caused but at the end of it this is just a bunch of baloney!!!!there is no factual evidence besides from the hearsay and naysayers….Who is BP to name names…sigh it is a sad day for the Bahamas…but when it hits teh fan i think BP will be red-faced at the end of it.

    • compass wow shame on you, even if one was my dad expose him for the wrong hats off bp i love you guys keep up the good work, your website no kiss no government run no pay under the table to be quiet am so happy there is someone who stand up for morals in this dam nasty ass country full of people who like kiss up and pay off BP love you guys

  13. From all the years that I have heard about Freemasonary this story in unbelievable to me. To one who has known so many Masons and have only known them to be private, discreet and respectful of their organization I am stunned at this public display.

      • This is an utter mockerey and shame to the secret society of the free masons! BP you shall face dior consequences for your actions. This shows you what some people do in their spare time , throw slander at some names just so they could get reveng you think its a joke BP ? All of your dirty laundry shall hit this site

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