Prince Hall Lodge Is Quiet: Who Turn Out The Lights


Everyone still hiding under the rock following the BIG BUSS-UP in the Graveyard!

What in the hell is dis?
What in the hell is dis?

Nassau, Bahamas — Ever since getting ran out of the graveyard at Bismark Coakley’s funeral, members of Prince Hall have been hiding under rocks it seems. BP had to send an agent over to the historic building on Blue Hill road to see what was going on. The agent met the building in darkness and inquired what was happening.

BP’s agent was told, due to the funeral blunder, the lodge is on summer break and coming back in September hoping everyone forgets what happened. Well BP has not forgotten. We sent our agent back the next night and only the club was opened. Nobody from that lodge was around. Well BP can’t believe even the thieves, the stupid girls, the love sick sweethearters,the drunks, the womanizers and the daydreamers take summer breaks. What in da hell is dis??!!

BP can’t even report a juicy story from dis place because everything on pause? Well Erica blow us down!!

BP says BRB to Prince Hall Masons.

We Report Yinna Decide!!!

So Mote it Be!!