Princess Margaret Hospital in lock-down


PMH in lock-down. Bahamas Press is reporting the PMH hospital has police officers standing guard on every floor.

Death threats we now understand were posted to the PMH today for the drive-by shooting victim Rashad Woodside. Woodside is in critical condition at the hospital. Police have the hospital in lock-down.

Last evening around 3pm a drive-by shooting in the Plantol Street area left a young man released on bail for the 2007 murder of Delroy McKenzie.

Police tell us 22 year-old Rashad Woodside was shot multiple times about his body as he sat in his car. Police say a block Honda drove alongside Woodside and opened fire on him.


  1. We another hospital just for these criminals, because it is not fair to the rest of the public to be going through this. Once the police reach the scene of the crime and they are able to determine that it was something gang related carry them somewhere where that is equip for dealing with bullet and stab wounds and with heavy policing, so these thugs would think twice before going there after them. When that nurse lost her life while on duty, they should have done something like this longtime ago. Princess Margaret Hospital aint no place for all this drama, you have some very sick people in there just trying to hold on to life and they really don’t need all this excitement.

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