Prison Officers tell of abuses against officers at the Department of Corrections…


Dear BP,

We are prison officers, we can trust you and we know you will help our concerns. We are tired of the abuse happening to officers by the senior people in charge at the Prison Service.

We remember this one incident when this officer was coming to work and Chief Charles Curtis instructed officers to hold an officer on his way to work he came to work and went through the scanner they told him something was in his top pocket they told him to go back back through. He did the second time they told him something was in his shoe. He then told him that he had to get search that is when Chief Charles Curtis came out of the screening room to the officer and told him he had to be searched. He complied. They went into a room and we don’t know what was said but Chief Curtis came out of the room angry and went on his cell phone.

Chief CURTIS then sent an inspector in the room to search the officer. The inspector came out and said the officer was good and the officer proceeded to go to work.

Chief Curtis told him this is a police matter and if he went to work he would be brought out in handcuffs, the officer replied “for what if nothing was found on me?” CURTIS said we need to search your car the officer said no nothing was found on me.

The officer said since he can’t go to work he is going home. Chief Curtis then instructed officers to close the gate so the officer couldn’t leave. This is abuse!

He was so wrong for that! Everyone knew what he was doing was wrong, but nobody stood up for the officer. The detained officer carried on so bad until an Inspector, Archer, was coming on compound and saw what was going on. The inspector talked to the officer he told him what had happen. He told Chief Curtis what he was doing was wrong and goes against the officer’s rights. He then instructed them to open the gate and the officer left.

BP we don’t like what does be going on around this institution, when they don’t like you around there the senior people abuse there power and nothing happens to them. The Commissioner comes like he is afraid of Curtis, and also some other senior officers.

What they are doing around that place is so wrong. Ministers responsible must step in and deal with these situations unjust incidents happening of officers being harassed at the prison.


THE Prison Officers