Prisoners calling, texting and buying numbers from deep inside Maximum Security! What kinda lawlessness is this PM Minnis Dem operating and allowing???


Who turned off the cellphone jammers at the Prisons

Items taken out of the prison cells following police raid in April.

Nassau – The Hubert Minnis Government must sit down at the next Cabinet Session and figure out how it will implement a serious crime fighting initiative and we believe the government’s weak Attorney General Carl Bethel is not the man for the job.

We are getting reports from the Department of Corrections that not just Indian Hemp is being smuggled into the prison but we are getting reports that, deep inside maximum security section of the correctional facility, convicted criminals are operating online pages and are sending video and text from deep inside the prison. And they are doing so without any permissions from the Commissioner!

We also understand that not just calls and texts are being made, but some prisoners are still actively operating their Island Luck and Everybody Wins online accounts! Now if we at BP know that, how come agencies of the government don’t? Is there a lawless corrupt leadership operating this Prison facility? Someone must answer!

Let us give the Minnis Government a lesson here with some institutional wisdom as how you run a country: When sober legal minds sat around the former Cabinet Table huge exercises of SWIFT JUSTICE were being implemented to protect the society from the activities of criminals. Our Decent Allyson Maynard Gibson [who should be in the running for the CHIEF JUSTICE POST, BY THE WAY] began a program with BTC to engage ‘call jammers equipment’ deep inside FOX HILL PRISON facility. The programme was introduced to block, stop and intercept the communications between the prisoners and the outside world! Within the first week of that programme, cellphones began showing up in the wastebaskets and bins inside the correctional facility in Fox Hill. We at BP is asking why has that system been turned off? Who decided that?!

Right now prisoners will see this article and some might just decide to comment! WHAT IS THIS?

And why are criminals allowed to threaten citizens and operate from deep inside maximum security as if they were walking around in the streets?! What are we thinking here? NO WONDER POLICE ARE BEING TARGETED BY THESE BARBARIANS!

The Minnis Government must quickly get its shabby act together and deal with this level of lawlessness and corruption or we da people will have to FIRE DEM QUICKER THAN WE THINK!

We report yinner decide!