Privy Council sends Donna Vasyli case back to the Court of Appeals….


If the Court of Appeals determines a retrial is not necessary Donna Vasyli will go free! Look at Money eh?

Scenes from the murder scene of Philip Vasyli.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press can report the Privy Council has handed down the decision in the case of Donna Vasyli this morning.

You would recall Vasyli, who was found guilty in the murder of her orthotics tycoon husband Philip Vasyli, was released from prison because Court of Appeals had quashed the conviction.

From reading the ruling this morning guided by our legal team the Privy Council determined that Donna has a case to answer. The Privy Council will not overreach or interfere in any conclusion of a jury to determine guilt or innocence.

The Court of Appeal [COA} will have to once again reconsider the case as the Privy Council has sent the matter back to them. The COA in the Board’s decision is to properly consider all relevant facts to make a proper decision of whether there should be a retrial.

And so there are two points which are being made here following this ruling:

1. Was there a case to answer? Privy Council said – they will not interfere with a jury decision.

2. Whether in the interest of justice a retrial should be ordered?

Privy Council said the COA should reconsider the question based on all relevant facts before it, which it did not take into consideration previously.

Phillip Vasyli’s body was found on the kitchen floor of the guesthouse beside their mansion in Old Fort Bay in the morning on March 24, 2015. His wife Donna was arrested charged and found guilty in his death by the Supreme Court.

Will she go free? We shall see.

We report yinner decide!