Progressive Young Liberals Attacks FNM Government



PLPs at a mass rally on Clifford Park. (file Photo) 

Nassau Bahamas – Progressive Liberal Party youths in a press release launched an attack against the Free National Movement suggesting that the Ingraham led FNM government has “destroy as many projects and institutions [left in place by] the former PLP government.”

The statement highlights the government’s dismantling of the award winning Urban Renewal Programme, noting that since coming to office, the FNM has only played the blame game. The PYL in its statement called on the government to begin a ‘workable plan’ to move The Bahamas forward and stop playing games by pointing fingers.

A FULL TEXT of THE PYL Statement:
PYL puts the government on the spot!

For the past seven months, the FNM has done nothing more than gone on a national destruction and finger-pointing rampage.  Since May 2nd 2007, Mr. Ingraham and his non-performing government have sought to destroy as many projects and institutions that the former PLP government had in place.  They clearly did so without any regard for the Bahamian people, especially the nation’s youth.

It is quite evident that the FNM has no plan to move this nation forward and no plan to build a future for the youth of this country as noted during their campaign and as is now apparent now that they are in office!  The disbanding of the Urban Renewal Project, which proved to be a means by which young persons could uplift themselves positively through the arts and education, has exploded in the government’s face.  However, instead of being honest, decent administrators of the country’s affairs and restore the program, they have only pointed fingers and come up with ridiculous excuse after ridiculous excuse as to why their ill-planned and ineffective community policing initiative should be maintained.

We urge the Prime Minister and Mr. Tommy Turnquest (Minister of National Security) to realize that they are the governing party; therefore it is now their job to govern and make changes in accordance with the will of the people, not to make excuses and point fingers!

In the wake of this record setting level of serious crime (which was only seen during the FNM’s previous term in office), we call for the Government to present a workable plan for our nation. It saddens us that the majority of the victims affected by this high level of crime are young Bahamians, but it shows that more emphasis needs to be placed on the youth instead of continual avoidance and finger pointing.

It seems as though, coming into office, the FNM’s only plan for crime, education, the economy and The Bahamas as a whole was to blaming everything on the ‘ineffectiveness’ of the previous administration!  This “ineffectiveness” is unfounded and has been proven repeatedly to be nothing more than a political ploy to defame the stellar record of the Christie Administration. The Free National Movement has spent their entire seven months in office doing nothing more than concocting false allegations and nothing more as crime continues to grow upwards and the economy continues to stall.

As such we the Progressive Young Liberals challenge The Prime Minister and his government, to stop the finger pointing, and tell us where they intend to take our country during their term in office, for however long that lasts.

                                Officers and Members
Progressive Young Liberals