Public Officials in the Ministry of Health headed to court to answer claims of alleged injury to staffer!


NASSAU| A Writ has been served against a high-ranking official of the Bahamas Government deep inside the Ministry of Health. Claims of damages following an alleged assault and injuries are being made.

According to the writ now attained by Bahamas Press, Permanent Secretary Ms. Renae Glinton in the Ministry of Health is the first defendant, The Ministry of Health the second and Ms Antoinette Cumberbatch the third defendant in a writ filed on March 11th.

Shellie Munnings, the plaintiff making the claims, is seeking damages following an incident inside the government department on February 15th, 2018, which caused undue injury, pain, and suffering to the victim.

According to the writ, Munnings will be seeking: damages for pain and suffering, exemplary and punitive damages, special damages and general damages; pursuant to the Civil Procedure Award of Interest Act and Costs.

The matter was recorded in the registry of the Supreme Court on Monday 11th March, 2019.

Boy, when we were small one of the first things they drilled into children was to keep your hands to your side at all times. All we have to say is this: WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE?

We report yinner decide!