Punch publications have suffered several sudden deaths over the past few years and its publisher was fit and healthy! 


NASSAU| At least some seven persons have died in the offices of the Punch in the last few years and, following the death of its publisher last evening, serious questions are surfacing.

Ivan Johnson’s sudden passing last evening came as a shocking surprise to many – including key members of his staff.

Johnson, who put his final production to bed on Sunday, was dead just hours later after, collapsing and dying of a massive heart attack.

“He was a good man. A generous man who helped many in secret. This has become a shock to us and the community around him who worked tirelessly to produce a bi-weekly product to this community. He will be missed,” a former employee told BP.

The months and days will be hard as the newspaper was already struggling to survive in an already difficult newsprint market. Johnson, though, was well off and independent with vast assets and holdings inside and outside the Bahamas. He also owned several pieces of real estate in the United States and this is where the matter gets tricky. 

Johnson has no rightful heir to his estate and that means his beautiful sisters will take charge of all his assets. WHAT A MESS!

Johnson was Minnis’ last editorial source who he fed much Cabinet secrets with particulary when it came to the fall of Finance Minister K. PETER Turnquest. The former MP for East End was dragged through the streets in weekly editorial attacks before and after his resignation from Cabinet. Minnis now has no editorial friends left, and well this could be the end of the FNM. Or like Churchill said, “…the beginning of the end…”

We report yinner decide!