Rangers Encouraged to Participate in Nation Building



Minister of National Security, the Hon. Tommy Turnquest presents Ranger Ariel Lowe with the Commodore’s Award for attaining the highest Grade Point Average (GPA). Miss Lowe scored a GPA of 4.00. Students from 15 schools throughout New Providence were inducted into the Ranger Programme Thursday. Mr. Turnquest applauded the students for their decision to join the Ranger Programme and encouraged them to participate in nation-building by doing all they can to uplift their schools, communities and churches. (Photo/Patrick Hanna)

By: Matt Maura

NASSAU, Bahamas – The decision of students from 15 schools in New Providence to join the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Ranger Programme is “quite significant” as it proves that a majority of Bahamian youth are committed to acting in the best interests of the country, Minister of National Security, the Hon. Tommy Turnquest said Thursday.

Mr. Turnquest encouraged the Rangers to take full advantage of all of the opportunities to participate in nation-building.

Addressing the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Ranger Installation Ceremony held at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, Mr. Turnquest said the decision also comes at a time “when a few, delinquent and deviant Bahamian youth” are committing terrible crimes, including the crime of murder.

“Some have brought this crime and violence into our schools,” Mr. Turnquest said. “The positive result of the step you take today as Rangers says, for all to hear, that you are young Bahamians who intend to do the best that you can for your country.

“Together with your parents, you have made a patriotic decision to contribute to the growth and development of our country. I urge you to participate in nation-building and to be productive Bahamians, doing all you can to uplift your schools, your communities, your church and your country, both now and in the future.

“I also urge you to always to bear in mind that you have accepted the responsibility and discipline that comes with being a Royal Bahamas Defence Force Ranger. The Ranger programme is a very positive programme for our young people,” Mr. Turnquest added.

The National Security Minister told the newly installed Rangers that they must “fully participate” in the many community projects that comprise the Ranger Programme as that participation will help them to get to know and to understand what is going on in communities and how, by working together, those communities can be improved.

He told them that they should remain motivated and focused, so as to be role models for their brothers and sisters “and the other young people of The Bahamas.”

“I further urge you to fully participate in the character-building exercises that are unique to the Ranger Programme (as) they will give you the values, determination and discipline you need to pursue further academic and professional studies and to become good, Bahamian citizens,” Mr. Turnquest said.

Mr. Turnquest applauded Commodore Clifford W. Scavella, Commodore of the Defence Force, and the Programme’s instructors for providing an “invaluable service” to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, for their work with the Ranger Programme and for their mentorship of young Bahamians.

“Instructors, it is an invaluable service you are rendering and we commend you for your untiring dedication and commitment to the success of the Programme,” Mr. Turnquest said.

“Ranger inductees I have only one further point to make. As you embark on your time as a Ranger, let the motto of the Ranger Programme: “Discipline, Dedication and Determination guide you in all that you do.”