Raw sewerage overflowing onto the road



What a sad situation being in a private gated community all to see and smell RAW SEWERAGE right out of the front entrance of the property. Treasure Cove residences on Yamacraw Hill Road was angered by the stench of raw sewerage being spilled all over the road. The tench was so bad, our lunch with friends was cut short. Someone must quickly address this serious health risk problem.


  1. Media needs to school some of these people as to what BLOGGING is all about as they seem to think one HAS TO agree with everything they say.

  2. Yeah, sure you do MBA, sitting up high in your ivory tower looking down upon the peasants. That’s the beauty of internet blogging, you can indulge yourself in whatever fantasy you wish to escape your miserable life hey.

  3. So if that’s the case MBA then why are you so adamantly addressing us on this blog?? Dont you have something “higher” to do??

  4. This is the most stupid, retarded post I have ever read. I have visited people PLENTY times in Treasure Cove and I have always found it to be a very nice gated community. I, too, live in a gated community which is very nice. I dont know what “Treasure Cove” MBA has visited but obviously she/he needs Stevie Wonder to point her in the direction of Treasure Cove which is located in Yamacraw, out east.

  5. MBA that is one of the most ignorant posts I have read since I first came to this blog. You are wrong on so many levels I will not even bother to point them out. Let’s see what vile verbal assault you direct towards me now.

  6. Shxxxxt flows and so WHAT if it is flowing in this piece of shat poor excuse of a gated comunity where most of the resident yard are filthy and look like Elizabeeth Estates No.2

  7. I can’t recall what Fred did but I became close with the developers after purchasing a home there. I can tell you that some very shady things went down between 1997 and 2002.

  8. Ouch!!! These guys in this country are the most brazen in their corruption. Next to the man from Turks and Caicos, they are the boldest.

    Wow, I am wrecking my brain to remember what Fred did for Treasure Cove….it was something, man. I cant remember but I can see him now calling Press Conference etc….
    Someone HELP!!!! Please remind me what Fred Mitchell had to do with Treasure Cove when it was being developed…maybe Media knows something. Help!!

  9. When was this? As I said, I live in Treasure Cove. What exactly did Fred do? Please elaborate.

    When one was the M.P., the T.C. developers had to pay for their annual Christmas party, and pay big. I got this straight from the owners mouth. When the residents went on to complain to their then M.P. that the developers were not fulfilling their promises, she promised to check into it. Guess what, nothing happened.

    When Frank, was Min. of National Security, Cubans walked out of the Prison and disappeared, rumoured to do be a favour for the developers. The developers were also given back the one million dollar bond they paid to Min. of Works though they did not fulfill all the requirments like beach development, proper infrastructure, etc. Guess who was Min. of Works then. Hmmm… . Now, for the bonus question, guess who now lives in one of the most expensive houses in… you guessed it, Treasure Cove! And once again I have it on GOOD information that he did not pay a dime for it.

  10. School me WOW ! I didnt know those two were connected to Treasure Cove. Check Treasure Cove history….Fred Mitchell was the first one, if memory serves me well, who was batting for Treasure Cove.

  11. The problem is bad, I had to drive through it this morning, and it is a reoccurring one. This a Government departmental issue, why does politics always have to enter everything Drama King? I have lived in Treasure Cove for over 9 years and never heard of Fred Mitchell being a “Champion” for Treasure Cove’s cause. Now if we must go political on this story, why don’t we speak about Frank Watson and Janet Bostwicks connection with Treasure Cove?

  12. Wasn’t Fred Mitchell the champion of Treasure Cove’s cause? He needs to step in now with some “legal air freshener” to clear the air and bring the residents relief.

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