Construction on the National Forest Reserve?



The talk of land give-a-ways in The Bahamas, it is more than that. Bahamians must ask the question how is it someone is allowed to begin construction on land set aside as part of the National Forest Reserve? Acres of land set aside as part of the National Forest Reserve is now having a massive construction on it. One must wonder, was government giving away so much land, that they found it OK to give away the National RESERVE? And who could have approved this?



  1. Re: Construction on National Forest Reserve:
    You are mistaken in your belief that the land in the picture is Reserve land. This land has been in the hands of a foreign gentleman and his family since before 1951. The land where the mini mall is now under construction was vetted by the former government and found to be legally his. It seems to me that before one writes a blog one should at least find out a little information about the subject.

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