Wutless Newspaper sitting on the shelves!!!



If there is one thing that is OBVIOUS in this country it is this, STACKS AND STACKS OF NEWSPAPERS are sitting on newsstands all across the country, NOT BEING SOLD! The newspapers in The Bahamas are all BIAS, ‘DEFLECTORS OF TRUTH’ where none have a reliable website for the world to judge their WUTLESS REPORTING! At the end of the month of July Bahamas Press has reported more readers online than the dailies printed collectively for the Month! They have become worse than the evil leaders of the world that censure FREE MEDIA! Amazingly the papers in The Bahamas are all supporters of the INGRAHAM GOVERNMENT. NOW you see why they Spin, Deflect, Hide and Spew Lies to their few readers. Our photo above show the stack of newspapers Sunday night just sitting on the shelves at two locations where they are sold.


  1. Media,

    Their minds have become taken over by the Wutless Media so they can only view real news as entertainment. They are brain washed by Manny and the boys.

  2. Oh come on people you mean to tell us, when you begin to read REAL NEWS, you don’t know how to accept it anymore? Ok then, be entertained when the Entertainment coaster passes your way and you being to stop laughing, then you will see just how serious we are. KEEP READING!

  3. Didn’t have time to read all of the wordy comments, but I will agree with the little that I read.

    This blog is really just for entertainment purposes…too many articles are simply worded to sound scandalous and eye catching. It’s hard to take anything serious when they are obviously going for attention than merely reporting the news.

  4. rb75, I agree with you fully. This site, as I know it, is to deal with current issues going on in our country…..not to tear each other apart. We need to stick to the issues.

  5. When Justice and freedom is removed from any soceity then all that is left is anarchy….

    That said we must always have a little bit of respect for ourselves and for other’s when we make statements ..Iam new to this site and I do not think that one should be attacked in such a manner ….

    We have too much issue’s to deal with in this country and this site has proven to be an outlet to air one’s view’s in a dignified and just manner..So let us break bread in a peacefull manner .

  6. PS: You have a choice you know…..no one is forcing you to read my comments. Go on another blog or go and read a book.

  7. IGNORANCEISBLISS you, my friend, sound like a drunken, washed up HACK who is beyond bitter, thus the attack on me. No I am not a 13 year old girl but a black Bahamian man with an opinion to be expressed. I choose this site to express my opinion….and you know what….there is nothing you can do about it.
    So you can get as dark as you like in your language, it doesnt phase anyone here. What you are in fact doing is exposing yourself to be the idiot that you obviously are.

  8. Oh and by the way, Please Sir, Please this site is rated G, for as you know we don’t want to have to censure your comments as we had to with that filthy, audaciously speaking, tattered mouth boy who writes for the PLP, who we call the ‘WUTLESS PLP ADMINISTRATOR’!

    For these days he and some of his party are placing all their energies, speaking against this BLOG of OVER 370,000 readers. He and his callous two faced leader should not put their energies against this BLOG, but against the FNM. Or are they working to STOP this blog to KEEP the FNM WUTLESS LEADER in power, at the same time protect their interests? IS BAHAMAS PRESS THE ONLY ONE LOOKING OUT FOR THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS? HAVE WE BECOME THE SOLE VOICE IN THIS COUNTRY AGAINST LAZINESS, WICKEDNESS, CORRUPTION AND SCANDAL? SO MUCH SO THE THE PLP AND FNM HAVE JOINED FORCES ALONG WITH ALL THEIR RIVALS SEEK TO ATTACK US?

    In a few weeks, Bahamas Press will prove the deceit of the sitting leader of the Progressive Liberal Party and his protection of the FAILURES OF THE FNM. We will as promise, EXPOSE THAT SIDE OF PERRY CHRISTIE in 31 days!



    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  9. Well, Well , Well “Ignoranceisbliss” I must say that your comments on this blog has certainly brought this writer to tears. I am going to be honest, VERY HONEST here, I personally never dreamed that a person like yourself, with such opulence in this country, would have had the time for BLOGS PERIOD! Much less to now see that you so tuned into Bahamas Press!

    However, SIR, I must say that it is more than entertainment for like you, we to are friends of the characters named ‘JUSTICE AND TRUTH’!

    And NOT the FNM OR PLP as we are so often wrongfully accused of being. But believe in showing that more then telling that.

    I must welcome you to this site, and I must say AGAIN, whilst I do not agree with your comments, your POST tonight is really an HONOUR, a GREAT HONOUR to know that we entertained your mind. I personally AM INTRIGUED BY YOUR PRESENCE ON HERE!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  10. This is so boring. You people are drooling morons. Why do you attack the mainstream media, who obviously could give a crap about you? No one who writes for this website has a clue. you publish complete crap. none of you could obviously get a job at a real newspaper, so you’re very bitter. My high school yearbook had more journalistic integrity than this excuse for “news”. you do know we only read this crap for jokes right? you know you’re not influencing a damn thing right?
    this is obviously just a ridiculous, misinformed and libelous blog, that people read for entertainment. stop comparing yourself to an actual news gathering organizations and you’ll serve your readership so much better.
    By the way, of course you have more internet hits than newspapers are sold. most pornography sites have millions of hits a day, its the internet you idiots. stop trying to be what you’re not.

    You sound like typical black crab bastards. I feel ashamed that a Bahamian publishes this garbage.

    and ELCOTT COLEBY if you’re reading this…perhaps if you had spent more time worrying about what was going on in Blue Hills prior to the MAY 2007 general election rather than posting what you think are semi-intellectual comments in response to the complete BS this site puts up, Leslie Miller might have been in parliament this go around.

    hey DRAMA KING, you’re a girl right? cause you sound a lot like a bitchy little 13 year-old with pig tails when you post my brother. you might consider catching piece a leg to try and get some of that bitch up out of your system.

    You may now retort.

  11. No one wants to read these WUTLESS newspapers cause they are ALL owned by the same man so they will have the same biased opinion. Manny Alexiou is in bed with Hubert Ingraham and they have BOUGHT OUT the media…big money is flowing….no more unbiased reports in the newspapers so why bother buying them. They wont get my 75 cents.

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