RBDF Chiefs set up COVID Superspreader weekend party while the south-central Bahamas is under an invasion! WHAT IS THIS?!

The RBDF apprehended 137 Haitian migrants when they intercepted a sailing vessel off Ragged Island on Wednesday morning. Those migrants are being taken to Inagua for processing by Immigration officials. The RBDF Photo shows migrants onboard HMBS LAWRENCE MAJOR on the way to Inagua.

NASSAU| If you believe the Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Raymond King is concerned about the influx of migrants coming to our shores, you are in the dark. 

Bahamas Press has just gotten hold of the itinerary of the Chief of the RBDF and, as we have said before, we find his leadership weak and wanting.

At 6pm this Saturday (October 2nd) while the southern Bahamas remains under attack, the Chief of the RBDF will be – in this COVID19 environment – celebrating the September birthdays of marines. 

The SUPERSPREADER event will take place at Island Gal on Bernard Road and all friends, family and lovers are asked to come and join the birthday celebration of Raymond King, Andres Burrows and Brian Adderley. Yinner see the foolishness these people are into at a time like this?

Those in attendance will feast at a special buffet and all you can drink will be available at the full bar. 

But this is what Raymond King is into – partying while people are dying and an invasion is unfolding in the south-central Bahamas.

BP recalls how RBDF women were at a pool party, having gay/lesbian orgies, while the entire country was under house arrest under ousted PM Hubert Minnis. WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!