RBDF Commodore RAYMOND KING must be sent packing as another attack at Government House proves his leadership team has learned nothing from the death of Percival Perpall!


Meltdown at Government House and not one marine showed up to protect the vandalising of Christopher Columbus statue.

Live footage at Government House today. Not one Marine showed up to protect the statue.
Murdered Marine Petty Officer Percival Philip Perpall

NASSAU| A breakdown in the security on the grounds of Government House proves once again that Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Raymond KING is unfit to lead the marines of the Commonwealth!

Today a man walked onto the grounds of Government House and began breaking down the statue of Christopher Columbus. Many Bahamians have called for the statue to be removed and we at BP agree. 
This is the second time in just a few years where an exercise of violence has occurred on the grounds of Government House. But still nothing has been done to enhance the security around the official office and residence of the Governor General. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

You recall murder of Petty Officer Percival Philip Perpall two years ago. He was gunned down in cold blood while on duty at the official residence and his accused killer has since been set free. 

The Columbus statue was presented to Bahamians by Governor James Carmichael Smith, a Governor who stood up for black Bahamians, including Pompey.  It was designed by Washington Irving, the man who wrote “Rip Van Winkle” and “Sleepy Hollow”. It was given to Bahamians by a man who had been attacked by white plantation owners for the fair and impartial way he meted out justice, irrespective of the colour of the person.  To destroy this is to disrespect the memory of that good Governor. 

Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Commodore Dr Raymond King

The statue arrived in Nassau on May 9, 1932, on board the British brig Rose Hill. When it landed, and well after it had found its resting place in front of Government House, armed guards had to be posted because of the numerous threats to destroy it.  In fact, you could only come so close to it. Unauthorised persons were not even allowed near the spot where it stood.

In short, our views here are simple: the statue should be moved but not destroyed! But back to the real story. 
Heads must roll at the top brass of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Commodore King and every single one of his captains should be beheaded from their posts on the FORCE! They cannot protect a marine while on duty much less the Governor General or his assets. Heads must roll!

The complement of guards as prescribed in the Standing Orders at Government House is 12 men. The night Perpall was shot dead in the line of duty there were only three. Today, during the attack on the compound, once again only three marines were on duty and not one heard the screams and loud rants of the lost soul who clearly was out of his mind, knocking down the statue of Columbus. WHAT IS THIS?!


We report yinner decide!

A man has been arrested after vandalizing the statue of Christopher Columbus. Police were the first to arrive on the scene. What happened to the assigned RBDF Marines at Government House?