Reginald Ferguson in Tony Johnson out at Financial Intelligence Unit


ferguson_official_photo_001_1_sm<<< Reginald Feguson, outgoing Commissioner of Police.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting, Reginald Ferguson, will be appointed as Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit [FIU], effective 11th, January 2010. At a staff meeting held last week, members of the RBPF were informed of Commissioner’s new appointment, with the COP begging officers not to inform the press.

Ferguson has messed up the RBPF turning it into a politically charged demoralized institution. Our deep-throat tell us, “The day Ferguson retires we will throw the biggest party ever seen in the history of the Force. He has angered officers with his political antics and wutless management style.”

We know he knows nothing about nothing at all when it comes to Money Laundering or Financial Crimes.anthony-johnson

Ferguson is a street-smart police officer that rose up the ranks in the Force. He will now collect his COP pension upon retiring as well as new salary from the government again, DOUBLE DIPPING! Apparently, no other Bahamian under the age of 60 is qualified for this job.

Bahamas Press learned yesterday current FIU director, Anthony Johnson, has failed to have renewed his contract with the Ingraham government at FIU. Johnson is a veteran banker who was formally employed at The Royal Bank of Canada. He will be removed at the end of December to make way for a 63 year-old ‘tired’ police officer who will retired as COP on January 4th.


  1. Papa aka HAI as a senior/mature citizen really ought to have stayed in political retirement. We really need fresh and crisp new vision ie our very own Obama. Papa leadership style whilst far better than cool PC is archaic.

  2. @Green Tea
    Yes, you are right Green Tea, we knew that, and it became vacant after the enforcement of the Police Act.

    However, the face remains, Ferguson is headed there and we told you.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. @Sonia Dean
    I agree with your comments. HAI, is playing political football with the judical and financial system.

    My PM frightens the hell out of me

  4. @N C L Smith
    BP information is not entirely correct as Anthony Johnson was relived of this position for some time now. The position is temporarily being held by another former police officer Smith.

    BP, please verify your facts in this regard.

  5. This appointment clearly shows this country is not serious about the handling of its financial crimes. Another poor appointment by the FNM Government. For sure we could do better than a retired cop withni experience in the financial world who made little or no impact in the country’s overall fight againt crime as its commissioner of police. Stevie Wonder can see this appointment was made for the ex police chief to have a modest government salary and typical perk of government car.What a country!

  6. @N C L Smith Then you should read the Tribune and the Punch those reputable papers, do you ever get a chance to voice your opinion with those great tabloids?, BP at least allows you to voice yourself in realtime, grow up!!!!.

  7. I do not know where BP gets these information from… but I guess creating stories is better then the truth..

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