Renward Wells has admitted to malfeasance!



Wells commits to FNM and tells PM: I go where you go | The Tribune
Renward Wells – Minister for Health!
PM Minnis and Former Health Minister Duane Sands who was fired for lesser things!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is taking the lead to announce that Reward Wells has admitted to committing malfeasance while sitting as a Cabinet Minister in the Minnis Government. And up to this hour Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has yet to either ask for his resignation or to fire the Health Minister.

Bahamas Press told you first how Wells paid his driver (who is also his cousin) and his secretary some $5,000 out of a honorarium designed as a gift to frontline healthcare workers. And, while Wells has denied being paid from the honorarium, we know he paid himself $10,000! AND WE REPEAT IT!

But here is the main point we want to convey. Reward Wells has admitted to wrongdoing while serving in his capacity as a Cabinet Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. He has betrayed those whom he served in Health. He has put his driver (cousin) and secretary above the first responders who risked their lives in the early stages of the pandemic.

Today, Minister of Health Renward Wells confirmed that he has asked his driver and personal assistant to return the funds disbursed to them from the government. In short, Reward Wells has admitted to committing malfeasance by giving these persons money when they were not even in the Ministry of Health at the time that the pandemic first started.

Remember now, when the Covid pandemic first started in the country Duane Sands was the Minister. And during that time both Wells’ driver and his personal assistant were not in The Ministry of Health. So what qualified them to even be considered for the honorarium? This is incredible! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!

Renward Wells has one message for the country. He should quickly tender his resignation for his malfeasance in Health! And if Wells does not resign, we await PM Hubert Minnis to live up to his promise to the nation to fire any Cabinet Minister who failed to uphold the integrity expected in office.

Remember now, Duane Sands was fired for lesser things!

We report yinner decide!