Reporters are to soft on Hubert Ingraham who refused to give one radio station an interview since leaving office!


Proud of how he freed the airways but like a coward afraid to face the public on them? Now das something on Ingraham, eh? Can’t face the people after taking the country to the steps of Bankruptcy!

The love fest with the FNM has ended - "What was the black negros thinking?" the former ZNS talkshow host screamed. Ingraham afraid like a PUSSYCAT to go on real talk-shows.

Nassau, Bahamas — Some reporters just cannot help it when they see Hubert Ingraham somewhere in the public. It is like they suddenly get an Ingraham crack attack and they nervously gather recorders together to get pimp-slapped to the floor by the man who had no respect for the Bahamian people.

Of late, perhaps getting over his cut hip in North Abaco, Ingraham is back on the media circuit talking all kind of hologram and utter nonsense!

Sometimes we wonder when will members of the WUTLESS MEDIA ask Hubert Ingraham the right questions and tell him to stop acting like a JACKASS!

We hope the next time reporters see the man who hijacked the economy, pillaged the treasury, abused and left unemployed thousands of young Bahamians while he stimulated the economies of China and Argentina, they will ask him what he has to say about the following:

1) What does he have to say about the $100 million overrun on the roads – which sent thousands of businesses to the bone yard!

2) What are his comments on the over $825,000 paid by Ministry of Tourism to a company which was a shell company and how his own Minister has been indicted!

3) And the question of interest: What does he have to say about the crooked development, which occurred while he served as Minster with responsibility for NIB? Someone must ask the Prime Minister if he approved those hefty executive bonuses paid to 8 executives at the Board!

Rather than talk about the state of the economy he had 5 years to fix and didn’t do a damn thing, Ingraham should address those issues directly or face the sunset and move out of the way!

We ga say it again – Members of the media need to ask Hubert Ingraham the right questions and stop giving him a pass!

We report yinner decide!