Residents on Islands cannot get assistance from NIB as the Board keeps turning them around and around!


Bahamas Press is learning NIB has contacted the services of the accounting firm Ernst and Young to do exercises of DATA ENTRY!

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is calling on the Minnis Government to STOP PLAYING WITH THE PEOPLE and deliver on the promised NIB claims to the PEOPLE – as it is THEIR TIME.

Reports coming into BP confirm Bahamians who have filed for NIB unemployment assistance are getting the runaround. 

Dangerously high unemployment levels across the country are fueling untold distress and anger in homes now on lockdown. Just today, the PM was put on the spot with the question about how so many citizens are being thrown out of their rental spaces after being unable to pay rent for more than three months since COVID-19 lockdowns began. The PM had no answers and said he was seeking advice from the Attorney General Carl Bethel. Dat will hold ya.

Meanwhile, the unemployed from Abaco in the North to MICAL in the south have done everything to apply for the NIB unemployment benefits to no avail. 

One resident told BP, “Here on Eleuthera they are turning us around and around and WE NEED HELP! It’s our money – LET US HAVE IT!”

Meanwhile, another resident on New Providence told BP, “I have been laid off. I have attempted to get assistance from government unemployment and the process is becoming extremely difficult. I cannot buy food nor can I pay my rent and now I am being told I will be evicted. This is too much for me.”

Meanwhile, Minnis told the press on Thursday, after ducking questions since April 19th, that some $16 million is being allocated through various agencies in government to feed persons. It’s da People’s Time!

BACK TO NIB. BP attempted to get into NIB main office for a meeting and to pay contributions and it was impossible. The online systems are down and the satellite offices are not functioning. The nation is being asked to go to the head office that no one can get in?

Family Islanders are left in a difficult position as no one answers the numbers. WHAT IS THIS? 

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press is learning NIB has contacted the services of the accounting services of Ernst and Young to do exercises of DATA ENTRY! What is this?

When will the People Time COME?

We report yinner decide!