Why do some foreigners believe they can break our rules and get away with it?


Dear BP

There is a lady that resides in Palmetto Point and her name of Anne Bethel.

Mrs. Bethel is a White Foreigner who is married to a Bahamian.

Mrs. Bethel is the Proprietor of Island Farm and she’s also a Caretaker of Second Home Owners that resides in the United States.

For some years now Mrs. Bethel is known for undermining the Bahamian workers that are also Caretakers on the Island of Eleuthera.

A few of the Bahamian Caretakers have given up their jobs and Mrs. Bethel then takes over.

It’s known that whenever Tips are left for the Caretakers, Mrs. Bethel takes the money and the Bahamian Caretakers are left without a penny.

During this weekend Lockdown Mrs. Bethel’s Bar was open and she was selling liquor. What are the relevant authorities going to do?

They arrested persons from South Eleuthera for partaking in a Motorcade. Is Mrs. Bethel exempted from getting arrested?

The residents of Eleuthera wants their Island to be open but it’s people like Mrs. Bethel who think they are above the law and can do anything and get away with it.

This Foreigner needs to be stopped from treating Bahamians like second class citizens in their own Country. She needs to be exposed for her wicked and undermining ways.


Enough is Enough.