Residents rush to register following Branville’s resignation from the FNM


Nassau, Bahamas — Scores of residents following the resignation of Bamboo Town MP, Branville McCartney, from the FNM went to register.

Insiders at the Parliamentary Registration Office told BP, “We have had a bump in registrants today. McCartney’s fallout with the governing party proved we could face an early election and perhaps that sturred interest.”

Ingraham told the country last week if he cannot get support on the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless, he intends to “go back to the people.”

The statement was made at the opening of the new ministry of finance office on East Street and Prison Lane.


  1. Maybe calling an early election would be the best thing for the FNM. In the sate this country is in right now with all the road works, BTC sale, etc…there is no doubt in my mind that the FNM would be re-elected. After all who trusts the PLP that much to leave them to repair this country. Certainly not the thousands of Bahamians who are quite educated and have common sense.

  2. This is for MEDIA.

    What amazes me about this site is the fact that you report and have pictures of all the PLP rallys but there is nothing on here about the ‘MASS’ and i emphasize MASS rally by the FNM on the weekend. Hmmm, I smell Bias here. Also, you are always supporting everything the PLP do and down trodding everything done by the FNM, but why isnt the story about the riot breaking out at PLP headquarters yesterday after the ‘hoodlums’ and ‘criminals’ that protested on behalf of the PLP did not receive the pay they were promised on here. Frankly I dont care much for either party because they all are into politricks in pursuit of money and power and dont give a dam about this country. But Please BP stop the bias. You are not trying to improve anything, you are just another political agent for the PLP that is trying to sway the mindset of Bahamians to support your party instead of actually trying to do something about the ‘madness’ taking place everyday.

    I have absolutely no respect for foolishness and this site promotes it to the utmost. Both parties are guilty of the same BS as far as I’m concerned and as a young person I am fed up and ready for a major change.

    Now let’s see if my comments will be deleted just because I have an opinion that may not sit well with you.

  3. @ not so

    That is NOT SO! Which Bahamas do you live in?

    Literally thousands of young, poorly educated Bahamians are wandering around unemployed (many unemployable due to skills defiencies), and a country that is under emotional depression due to hopelessness is not the prescription for election victory for a governing party. Remember, the voters “threw out” the PLP for far less.

    The world has changed (and is still changing). While hard core supporters of the two major local parties are ‘dancin andd singin up a storm, highly educated young people in Egypt, with numbers were not even 25% of the entire population, brought down the government, a virtual dictatorship that ruled for 40 years.

    In the USA a “pressure group” now called The Tea Party moved an independent candidate through the electoral process and into elected office, a first in the history of the USA. There two party system is older than ours and their political strategist are far more astute than ours, yet THEY DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING.

    The rules have changed because expectations have changed and those who sit staring at old election outcomes data as their source for current and future election outcomes will be in for a rude awakening. People are more informed, better educated and more exposed than ever before. Frankly, it is my OPINION (based on contacts with many, many voters) that both major parties have lost a lot of their past “supporters” and I do mean “LOST” in the sense that they no longer support ANY PARTY. They will vote for the best candidate presented, BUT THEY WILL DEFINITELY VOTE IN 2011.

    It time to wake up. I will count to three then snap my fingers and when you open your eyes you will be in the Bahamas of 2011. One, two, three … (snap). NOW DEAL WITH IT!

  4. The fact of the matter is that the FNM has lost their best prospect, no matter how FNM apologists try to twist and minimize the impact. I predict Mr McCartney will join the PLP eventually; just give him time to breath.

  5. You are so right, yesterday a large group of highly motivated FNMs went out to ensure that they send a strong message.

    In fact in all areas of New Providence FNMs followed the instructions of their leader and went out to register.

    I can assure you the FNM in short order will prove that they are right about so much just like Saunder’s Beach and other epically, BTC soon the Bahamian people in droves will thanks this FNM with their vote.

  6. A shocker FNM Member of Parliament may be ready to step forward to play the most important role to date by forcing the PM to honor his word to face Bahamians in an early general election, a personal threat issued to House members if they reject his sale of BTC to Cable & Wireless?

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