Rick Lowe claims Fox Hill MP changed story?


Rick Lowe

A Letter to The Editor

Dear Editor,

The Opposition MP for Fox Hill has apparently changed his story from saving City Markets through government “intervention” to saying he means the workers rights “ought to be protected”.

It was stated in the press that the MP “renewed his call for intervention to save the beleaguered City Markets food store chain, telling Tribune Business the company was “worth saving”. Read the entire story here… (http://www.tribune242.com/business/09152011_City-Markets_business_Page1-5)

If he wishes to back away from this statement, it’s simple enough to say so, rather than reducing the discussion to ad hominem attacks.

Now I do agree that we should all be concerned about the associates and they should receive what is due to them, as noted here… (http://www.weblogbahamas.com/blog_bahamas/2011/09/is-city-markets-really-worth-saving.html) but that is a far cry from government intervention to save the company.

If the present shareholders cannot find a buyer or do not wish to inject more capital into the company they might consider a public offering in an effort to save it. If not, it should close and other parties interested in trying their hand at the food store business can do so.

It is a pity that the MP cannot raise the level of debate on important matters such as this.

Yours in Liberty,

Rick Lowe


  1. No one is interested in what Rick lowe or Rick lowwwww has to say! He is a part of the fnm’s special interest group. He does not have a bit of concern for bahamians.

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