Roberts: Butler –Turner lacks moral authority to open her mouth on Web Shops

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts....

Bradley B Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party

Butler –Turner lacks moral authority to open her mouth on Web Shops

It is amazing how those whose houses are made of thin cheap glass could find the unmitigated gall to throw stones. One such house of which I speak is the FNM and the occupant is one Loretta Butler-Turner.

I remind all and sundry that Butler-Turner sat around a Cabinet table and approved an online gaming bill to legalize web shops as far back as 2010 – literally years before the referendum. Further, in a Cabinet conclusion she and her colleagues conceded that the FNM government legitimized web shops by accepting taxes and fees from them and that the police lacked the resources to shut down such an operation.

The FNM agreed to the opinion poll in support of online gaming only to change their minds once they lost the general elections. Loretta Butler-Turner’s position on web shop gaming is this: she supports web shop gaming only if the FNM is the government but if it loses office, then she is against them because web shops become a political inconvenience to her in opposition.

Butler-Turner could care less about the will of the people. How else could she explain the existence of the online gaming bill literally years ahead of a planned referendum? Her current posturing and bluster in addition to her party’s campaign in the run up to Jan 29th 2013 were all about raw politics and the sour grapes emanating from the bitter defeat at the polls.