Roberts: Butler-Turner throws herself under the bus, dignity and all


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Nassau, Bahamas – The following is a press statement by Bradley B. Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:

It was nine short days ago when Loretta Butler-Turner abandoned her bid for the leadership of the FNM at 2am, citing a rigged system by Dr. Hubert Minnis and that “this corruption and intimidation cannot be validated.” This was 29th July 2016 and now on this blessed Sunday Butler-Turner is asking all FNM supporters and independent voters to unite behind this crook who she claimed is corrupt and intimidates those who seek to exercise their time honoured democratic right.

So which assertion is correct Loretta? Is Dr. Minnis still corrupt or is he as pure as the driven snow and you simply lied on him?

Butler-Turner also said that she must “expose the level of organized corruption and crime there is in this party (the FNM party) under Hubert Minnis?” Again Loretta, is Dr. Minnis presiding over a Cambino Family style criminal and corrupt organization or you were just lying on Dr. Minnis because you could not win the leadership race? You must come clean with full, frank and honest disclosures. Chairman Sidney Collie said there was no corruption, but that you quit because you saw the agony of defeat before you. Loretta you must clarify all of this double talk as your credibility is on the line.

Former FNM Chairman Darron Cash, one of your supporters, accused Dr. Minnis of racism – he claimed in the media that Minnis’ leadership campaign was designed to divide the white and black supporters in the FNM. Is this true? Is Minnis’ FNM a racist party? Remember, you are yet to repudiate Mr. Cash’s assertion so ostensibly you agree with him.

Loretta, why should any voter throw their support behind an incompetent, racist, criminal and corrupt leader in the name of Dr. Hubert Minnis? Either Dr. Minnis is an incompetent, racist, criminal and corrupt leader as you and your supporters claim, or you Loretta Butler-Turner lied on Dr. Minnis. Which is it? You must clarify this double talk as your credibility is on the line.

Butler-Turner told the media that she was not for sale and could not be bought, now she appears to have been bought lock, stock and barrel. What was your price Loretta? Was it thirty pieces of silver to remain quiet and to shamelessly sing Dr. Minnis’ praises?

Butler-Turner was right about one thing and that is her admission of the uphill climb of the FNM to regain public trust.

In all my years in politics, I have NEVER heard of a politician throwing him or herself under the bus. I have heard about politicians being thrown under the bus, but Loretta Butler-Turner takes the cake– She threw herself under the bus along with her dignity, integrity and self respect in one felt swoop.

I guess Dr. Minnis is a corrupt, Cambino crime family style mafioso don after all – he certainly made Loretta an offer she could not refuse. She has the duplicitous press statement to prove it.

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