Robinhood’s “Everything Must Go!” delivers prices below U.S….


Robinhood is better than ever! PRAISE GOD!!!

Incredible prices at Robinehood's 'Everything Must GO'!

Dear Editor,

God always makes a way out of no way and VAT has proven to be a blessing in disguise.

Since the holidays a close friend had told me to drop SuperValue like a hot potato and come to the east and pay a special visit to Robinhood’s newly opened store on Prince Charles Drive – “Everything Must Go!”

I was reluctant to pay that visit after she noted how Bahamians were up there fighting over corn flakes. But finally after taking enough of Supervalue’s nasty abuse on my pocketbooks I decided to visit the new store and to my surprise the prices were incredible.

Fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden and dirt-cheap. I saw people taking away whole boxes of Pineapples, which sold for $2.79 each. INCREDIBLE! Strawberries which sold in other stores for almost $9 were being sold for $2.74. INCREDIBLE! Blueberries were for $3.25. UNBELIEABLE!

Fruits and vegetables, which usually take more than a quarter of my grocery bill, were significantly reduced. And then there were a dozen eggs, sold for $2.19. INCREDIBLE!

Nowhere in all of New Providence can you find such fresh, name brand produce for pennies on the dollar.

All I say is this: MY GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS – and in HIM – there are wonders to perform! Thank YOU LORD! Robinhood is back and the other stores soon close down! AMEN!!!


Carla Basden