Rogue Bishop in a dangerous relationship as the church spins into turmoil!


The International Office is getting closer to the Bahamas Bishop and has removed its senior administrator for Northern Caribbean….

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NASSAU| A Senior Bishop, who daily is becoming a disgrace to the body presently in court over funds missing from the church, is being more exposed by the day. The Bishop attempted to appoint a pastor at a certain church in the southern part of New Providence – which has opened even more scandals.

BP can report – via sources deep in the belly of the church – that the Bishop has only been in love with one woman his whole life. What is this?

The woman, who is a prestigious bank executive and a drop dead gorgeous beauty of many years, has been the lilly of his valley.

After a sad breakup the Bishop was never able to win her heart because she moved on. But the spiteful Bishop intended to get back at the family nevertheless by removing her husband from one of the more prestigious churches in the diocese, placing him somewhere in the ghetto over the hill. JEALOUS!

These days the rogue Bishop has set his eyes on something new and she is a prayer warrior and wife of a law enforcement officer.

The holy woman deals with prayer and spiritual exercises, finances and is also dealing with the office. The slow cop husband behaves like potcake for the rogue Bishop, using his position as a police to threaten other parishioners in the name of the “Bishop”.

Sometimes the officer permitted the rogue Bishop to be out and about on the streets during the lockdowns. That officer needs to open his eyes and lock down his wife from the rogue Bishop!

Anyway, we at BP are following this story and there is a lot to report because news is coming from Freeport where church parishioners are unhappy! The rogue Bishop, we can report, has appointed another family member to that church. The congregation is violently upset and are now asking about funds since Dorian.

We also know the Church in the U.S. is closely watching our BP reports and is beginning to take some actions. We learned today the Head Office has dismissed its Head of the Northern Caribbean.

The discipline rod is coming closer home to the Bahamas as half a million dollars cannot be accounted for and plenty questions are now being put on the accounting of the church funds.

We report yinner decide!