Rogue Drunkard PS almost fell down drunk at a groundbreaking ceremony…

Why yinner think people have to get drunk in the day? FILE PHOTO

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following a rogue drunkard PS who is now in the bed of a rabid criminal FNM spokesperson.

The drunkard PS is known for her drunken stupor inside the government agency and has since lost two competent secretaries who were fed up with the drunkard.

The drunkard PS used the criminal spokesperson to attack senior officers of the Government including a Minister of in the former Minnis Government.

The drunkard PS recently had to use a shovel to stand up before almost falling down at a recent groundbreaking event.

But what is even worst is the fact that communication written by the drunkard PS is so bad some have to use the Ebonics Dictionary to understand what was penned.

We, therefore, believe that the drunkard PS, who now is in bed with a criminal spokesperson inside the FNM, should be sent home in the national interest. The public service is no place for drunkards! It is no place for village idiots. 

It is no place for persons who cannot live by the rules and set a good example. Top positions in the service are for highly competent professionals, respectable talents, who can provide sound, clear and sane advice to the Government!

We report yinner decide!