Rogue prison officer kicked out of OPM after money goes missing in Over-The-Hill-Project…


Prison head shows up at FNM Rally!

Could someone explain why is it Charles Murphy attending FNM rallies?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning a Prison Officer has been kicked out of the Office Of The Prime Minister and returned to his prison duties after thousands of dollars went missing in the Over-the-hill project.

The prison officer was a junior promoted to work inside the Office of the PM to execute the Over-The-Hill-Project which has millions assigned into an account.

However, as the project stalled and money vanished, here is another incident now being swept under the big ‘dutty’ red rug!

The prison officer, who is known as a diehard PM Minnis supporter, has yet to be questioned by police. And the Anti-Corruption Unit has yet to be called in to investigate.

Meanwhile, BP is concerned with the leadership at the Department of Corrections. Prison Chief Rev. Charles Murphy broke all the rules when he showed up at the FNM Rally two weeks. Murphy, who heads the prison service in the country, is a staunch FNM supporter who, we believe, cannot spell the word “Corrections” much less follow protocols which are longstanding guidelines that govern the public service.

Anyway – this these people time!

We report yinner decide!