Turmoil at WSC as Management Union President has been suspended for two days without pay!


Staff walks off the job at WSC this afternoon… 27-year-old with two years experience at WSC takes over recovery in Abaco while senior management resigns or was fired!

Angry Water and Sewerage employees all walked off the job today in disgust with the state of the Corporation.

NASSAU| We have to drop what we are doing now to take you live to the Water and Sewerage Corporation where a BP announcement to “BOIL YA WATER” is soon to come.

We can report scores of workers from WSC at this hour, who are in support of the management and non-management union, are sacrificing their lunch time in a force of solidarity behind their Union Leadership.

Bahamas Press understands the President of the Management Union, Montgomery Miller, has been suspended for two days without pay for asking questions of the management.

As you know, Water and Sewerage is falling apart by the minute as the Corporation has lost all of its financial controls. The Chief Financial Officer was separated from the corporation this past week for asking questions and being honest in her inquiry into transactions by the Board and the General Manager.

Montgomery Miller

The head of Human Resources, another signatory on the bank account at WSC, has been out on leave for weeks.

And this also comes while the Internal Compliance and Controls departments are dysfunctional in checking the internal audits at WSC. The head of that division, Kimberly Rolle, resigned from the Corporation following the juvenile actions of the WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson.

And with all this has also come multiple firings and resignations from top managers at WSC, which has now left the essential service in the hands of inexperienced people at the top. The general manager is a lap puppy for the Chairman, abandoning much of the necessary controls for the smooth functioning of a Government Corporation!

Meanwhile, Adrian Gibson has appointed a 27-year-old who has only two years experience with WSC to head the reconstruction and recovery of Abaco, leapfrogging all kind of professional personnel at the Corporation. What kinda ass is this 27-year-old selling!?

Anyway, the staff is outside. They are standing with the union. The Chairman is looking for his pacifier.  And BP is soon ready to announce a boil ya water campaign as WSC descends into turmoil under the leadership of Hubert Minnis!

We report yinner decide!