Rollins who attempted yesterday to blackmail an entire government is now confused and does not know what in the hell he said yesterday!


Rollins now back-peddles as his BLACKMAIL attempt yesterday was CRIMINAL!- A DOUBLE MINDED MAN IS UNSTABLE IN ALL HIS WAYS!

Andre Rollins is headed to the wilderness.

From: S. Andre Rollins, M.P.
To: Members of the Press

Date: September 24, 2014

I want to make it absolutely clear that nowhere in my interview with NB 12 did I impute corrupt motives to anyone. I never suggested that I had any information to that effect. In no way do I support or condone corruption in government. Without being comprehensive in my response to the question asked by Ms. Toote, I can understand how I may have created this impression. I certainly regret that such an impression was created.

In giving my terse response, I was referring to the principles of ministerial and collective responsibility as defined by the Westminster system of government and in that regard, I sought to convey that any shortcomings or failings with respect to the LOI matter cannot be levelled solely at the feet of a junior member of the government. To do so would be to make that individual a scapegoat, which would demonstrate a clear lack of respect for that individual and the system of government we are supposed to be guided by. The implications for the minister and cabinet, therefore, are what I was alluding to when I said that there is more than meets the eye with respect to this matter.

Having this LOI matter linger for as long as it has without a conclusive statement from our nation’s leader has only served to feed the perception that our government lacks transparency and accountability, which is not in the interests of our nation’s growth and development. Therefore, as I have said previously, the nation would be well served by having the Prime Minister address this matter.


Editorial NOTE: UNDER THE HEADLINE: Rollins threatens to name names if Wells is Fired – Andre Rollins told the Guardian on 23/Sept. 2014 the following: “In time if that happens [The firing of Renward Wells] I am prepared to say who also should be fired, because there is more than meet the eye when it comes to the whole, as you all call it, “LOI affair,”….

“If Renward Wells needs to be fired, he is not the only one and I have a problem with you trying to scapegoat my friend.

“So when I say that I believed we were used as tokens, I was also referencing that matter….”