Rollins sold his ‘political soul’ to the Devil! And will run in Fort Charlotte as an FNM


Ingraham Operatives

Here a photo we published on February 6, 2010. It was a photo named ‘INGRAHAM OPERATIVES’ and we wrote that story in the height of the Elizabeth by-election. Friends told us at the time both Stuart and Rollins had no money to mount the campaign they spent on posters, billboards and TV ads. Now BP unveils the dark secrets behind Rollins move to the FNM.

Nassau, Bahamas — If you believe Andre Rollins is still being lured by the PLP and the FNM then the WUTLESS DUTTY TOILET PAPER has tricked you again and April Fool was seven days ago.

Following our shocking revelation confirming Rollins had left his party, the National Development Party, to join the FNM news swirled around the city as to what was his status in the NDP. Rollins crept out of his cave after being smoked out by BP and began talking to the press.

We were not alarmed at all their SMOKE AND MIRRORS because we broke the story and nothing Rollins or theToilet Papersaid could block what we will now say.

Bahamas Press can now confirm Rollins met with the Thursday morning Bay Street Cabinet; the main financial arm behind the FNM. We can also confirm Rollins was given an offer he could not refuse, which included an offer of boosted business opportunities for his private practice. Allegedly he was also granted a place in nomination with financial backing as the FNM standard bearer in Fort Charlotte.

BP can also confirm following a second meeting with Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham last month, Rollins tendered his resignation from his Party as Chairman of the NDP. Inside sources of the third party tell us, “Rollins cannot be trusted! Like all these baby politicians in this country, they cannot wait. They refuse to drink the milk from the breasts that gave them political birth and before you know it the eagle who saw far and flew high is right back in the coup on the ground with the chickens eating seed.”

We are also reminded of a Party led by Paul L. Adderley, which was also known as the NDP. Paul Adderley too abandoned his members in the middle of the night to join the PLP. History is today repeating itself once again. Nigel Bowe a member of the NDP at that time said, “I still waiting for his leader“. You would also remember Sir Orville Turnquest was also a member of that Party and we guess he is still waiting on the return of his leader.

We can also tell you when Rollins tendered his resignation to the NDP Council, NO explanation was given to the Party leadership nor was there any sign of his resignation forthcoming to party officers prior to his meeting with Ingraham and the Thursday Bay Street Cabinet. So let’s put this into perspective:

  • Rollins never advised his Party Officers of his decision.
  • He didn’t show the courtesy to sit with the people of LIZZY and tell them of his decisions.
  • He failed to inform the public and the press that he was stepping down from the NDP.

How could a man talk about Changing the Bahamas and its broken systems when he himself is moving through the earthjust like the DEVILwheeling and dealing in clouds dark of secrecy? Lacking any motive of transparency and accountability to the people who voted and supported him in LIZZY and disrespecting the party who entrusted him as standardbearer in the by-election. Andre Rollins never cared and used the NDP to get what he wanted. Boy, dese politicians jokey nah!

The same is like BP dropping all the trust given to us by the people and going to work for the DAMNToilet Paper’. Leaving you our loyal readers abandoned and hushed without explanation. What a painful selfish thought!

To BP all this is no surprise because if you followed the Elizabeth by-election as we did you would remember how we warned the country of this boy long, long ago. You would remember it was February 6th [ ] when we told you the public both, he and Cassius Stuart were puns in Ingraham’s plot in the Elizabeth by-election. Both Rollins and Stuart planted negative stories in thetoilet paper’ on Ryan Pinder but had not a DAMN WORD TO SAY ABOUT DUANE SANDS!

So we are not surprise to hear Andre Rollins has sold his Political Soul to the Devil. We in fact, wish him well but the truth of the matter is with all the lies delivered by him on CHANGING THE COUNTRY will now never be achieved by him. If a half dead rat runs in Fort Charlotte BP will be backing it hands down! Rollins is now in good company with the father of lies and the DEVIL HIMSELF!



  1. NO NO NO NO Future Leader the arguments must be civil and will not snowball into the gutter.


  2. Rollins has only come to realise what all Bahamians must accept one day. Bahamians only use these people in the Third parties, when they are fed up with the party they normally support but can’t bring themselves to support the other major party. So they give their vote to the 3rd party. Bahamians want change and new direction, but just like in the US, why try to re-invent the wheel. Change can come from within the major political parties. The machineries are already in place, and their backers are solid. 3rd parties are a waste of time and effort.Time will ensure the Revolution, and may be  this time we can really fight for real INDEPENDENCE, instead of that rushed thing we got ourselves mixed up in in 1973.Bahamians are no longer willing to sit idly by and just let it be business as usual.

    • I just hope you are quite familiar with pre 1973 as many in the country had reached the point of resenting British rule to the point of disrespecting the British national anthem.Independence save our British connection but I do agree that we now become truly independent by creating a Republic and have our own Court of Appeal.The cold war is long over so the established countries have no need to fear us leaning East.China has made our leaning much easier by getting involved in pillars of our economy.

  3. @ altec ill say this tommy may be expected to be next  but watch the media who you see on show then ask why? time will prove which group prevails but the evidence is strong also note the fact that tommy belongs to a dynasty pappa doesnt like that as he resents his treatment under L.O.P. he also wants to leave his legacy how can he do that with orville boy???????????

  4. My, My, these guys are really not to be trusted.  Especially Mr. Stuart, who  came to my house talking bad about the PLP and the FNM, now he is joining a party that he so despised?  Not to be trusted ma bruddah!  As for Dr. Rollins, he is young and I think he is off on the wrong foot.  I think he should have  waited until after the next general elections before joining any major party.

  5. BP, I commend you for your investigative journalsim and your probing skills. I sometimes get down on you when it appaers that your story lacks foundation or you just cant substantiate it. however, apparently, this is not the case in this article.Now folks, pray tell me, why are we so eager to tear one down, all this brother want to do is serve his country, he did, what I believe more of our politicians of today should do. Rid themslves of their parties garments and step out of the shadows of the party and express their ideas for the future of this country. too many of them are camouflaged in the stripes of the party, with no ideas, just going for the ride.I respect this brother, let him be. those of us who believed in the Hubert or Perry doctrine were first persuaded by them when they were kicked out of the pack and had to “fend ” for themselves,  it was then, that people began to seriously look at them as potential leaders, they were exposed and people liked what they saw.we must be careful not to discourage people who mean well, otherwise we may not have a good lot to chose from.we place far too much emphasis on these damn party labels. its not good for the continued development of this country.thats my five cents!

  6. @tink we fool: You really think Laing is being groomed to lead the FNM? Lol! Right now Laing may not even be reelected to the HOA. There is heavy discontent with him in Macro City.

    I still say its Tommy’s to loose but Branville is a threat. Thats why i think Papa’s play for Dr Rollins is a shrewed one. Tommy will be the next leader, then he will be ousted before the 2017 general elections and Dr Rollins, back by Papa’s forces, will prevail over Branville for leadership of the FNM.

  7. Rollins is an immature know – it – all.  he has no credibility.  if u have a dream, how can u abandon it without the slightest of efforts…this is why there is a feeling that young people are never genuine in their intentions! and take down all of those signs rollins! that is the first sign (no pun…) that told me u were not a nation builder but rather,  a gigantic LITTER BUG!!!!

  8. he is also grooming charles maynard pay attention he shaping the deck when the deal cut the plp had better be ready the end will be bitter the economy is tight

  9. @ altec tommy numb with pain he political heart done been bbroken so many times he like cinderella who get the slippers and dress but never went to the ball………….see the problem with third parties is they too hungry have no track records assets or plan..all you hear is change change change…….I told youll pappa is setting up laing to lead his party on departure backed by pintard and now lookin like rollins ga take the bone hope he doesnt accompany his treachery with some self serving sappy speach

  10. @Thomas Finley:  Dr Rollins was the one who was all over the airwaves a few weeks ago blasting the PLP and FNM, swearing that he will never be apart of neither organizations, claiming that he has a new vision for the country. Now it looks like all of that was just talk.

    You obviously dont see or have a problem with this? Attitude like yours is why this country so frigg up!

    @BP: I really believe you breaking this story caught everyone involved off guard. I think a “surprise” announcement was in the works, intended to perk up the deflated FNM base after the loss in Lizzy.

    Like I said, Dr Rollins and the NDP silence says it all. But like you said, him trying to paint his meeting with Lady Pindling as a meeting with PLP leadership is foolishness. Had overtures been made by the rank and file of the PLP he would have called their names. His meeting was solely with the FNM and now he is trying to cover his behind.

    One more thing BP, if I was Dr Rollins and Papa offers me a nomination, i would think the nomination would be in a constituency where i would have a descent chance of winning aye?

    Offering him the Ft Charlotte nomination, to run against Alfred Sears should have caused Dr Rollins to demand a more safe constituency to run in. There is no way he beats Alfred Sears. If I was Dr Rollins, the minute Papa say Ft Charlotte i would have asked him if he crazy.  i would pick a seat i know i have a chance of winning as an FNM, lol.

    Truth be told, there is only one safe FNM seat in New Providence and Brent has that seat. If Papa was serious he would have offered Dr Rollins a nomination for a constituency in Grand Bahama.

    But what i see here is a play by Papa to get Dr Rollins inside the party as a move to counter the threat of Branville McCartney. Papa knows Tommy and the other misfits dont have a snow balls chance in hell to become PM thus creating a leadership void that Branville will jump to fill after the FNM looses the next general election.

    Branville burned Papa, and Papa wont let that slide. Dr Rollins is Papa’s response to the Branville threat and I wonder how Tommy feels, lol.

  11. After a devastating defeat PAPA is revamping his party to offset negative fallout.What better way to change the subject than make the many moves that PAPA feels he must make as on the 14/04 the lion of the East Ryan Pinder swears in as a member of the HOA.Who else will PAPA approach to soothe his ego?I will never forget the the reception Rollins got from FNM supporters at Faith United church on the night of the bye election when the results were being announced.He and they seemed very comfortable with each other.Captain the ship is sinking and all are jumping overboard just ask Carl the Cecilite and McCartney the masn who defeated the icon Wells.I thought a ship was abandoned when in trouble and a new crew came aboard after it is cleaned and given a new structure.

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  12. Finley i agree with you except that i do not support the fum or plp. i know people like altec only supports plp and can see no wrong. he killed paul moss when he left the plp and funning did the same when he was in the plp. rolins is next as soon as he joins the fnm

  13. These same folk who condemn Rollins are the same ones who refuse to vote for any Party other than PLP or FNM. Why should Rollins be a JAC, following up behind you worthless turds? Go for it my brother!

  14. Now Altec you know how we go with BREAKING NEWS! We even put off our piece on Obie to accommodate this.

    But what irks us most is the fact that the man had this to spin to the press after we smoke him out. He said he meeting with the PLP [Lady Pindling] and the FNM [Hubert Ingraham].

    Now you and I know Altec if he can’t meet with Christie and the CDR you know he start off wrong hey? Tell me man if we talking rat droppings. I know you ga shoot straight with a response.

    The nerve a these niggas. And this is not all. He did not only meet with Hubert but he also met with the Bay Street Boys! HA! Why didn’t he tell the wutless media what Sir ORVILLE, SIR Jeffery and SIR Durward offered him? Why BP gat to be the ones to say it?

    Boy yinner know we want cuss but that what ya get for a third party! Now I see why the People don’t trust them!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  15. Hornet – your comments hit the head on the nail. I couldn’t have said it better – Lack of patience, no gumption, no stickability.  The result of the Lizzy election has only just completed and now he is jumping parties – what could Mr. Ingraham have possibly said that could convince him so rapidly to leave the NDP especially after all the criticism of both the FNM and PLP? So that’s all it takes to convince him – just a few words and perhaps a few promises to go along with it.  Sounds like Rollins is a gullible man! Is this all because he is in love with all the attention he is getting – an ego boast perhaps. This confirms to me that all his talk of change was pure rhetoric. I think Dr. Rollins actions show that he is self-serving and in my opinion undeserving of any serious consideration.  I am predicting that Rollins WILL NOT win his seat and will just as Moncur said, will ending up sticking to pulling teeth!

  16. I am on the verge of believing you on this story about Dr Rollins for one reason; this story has been out now for a few days and Dr Rollins and members of the NDP has yet to call a press conference and address the questions regarding Dr Rollins decision and party status. He has given a press statement to one or two media houses, but thats it. The party on the other hand is totally silent.

    One reason for the silence maybe because Dr Rollins and the FNM has been caught flat footed with the story coming out before they had planned to announce it with great fan fare.

    The NDP silence maybe because of an attempt by the FNM absolve them into their party to make it look like both parties are merging to save face.Or could Dr Rollings be having second thoughts now that he sees the political fall out brewing?

    Dr Rollins, you may have just aborted your fledgling political career.

  17. Rollins is a big dissappointment and did not mean a word he said during the campaign. He ownly wanted a space in the PLP or FNM. what a waste. Who is next?

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  18. Dr. Rollins we cry shame on you.Merely a month ago, nothing was right with the PLP or FNM in your view. You ‘appeared’ to have a dream and vision for this country at the wheel of the NDP. Now, so easily you dove tail behind those parties that you condemned. It clearly shows that you are out for personal status and gain, and looking to become some sort of ‘local celebrity’ perhaps lol..You have made the mistake of falling in love with the media. Don’t be confused Dr. Rollins, you are NOT news. You hold no political weight, you have NO track record as yet. All of the fuss after you is of no substance, trust me. There is an underlying message in all of the attention cast upon you. Lack of patience, no gumption, no stickability. I know you Sylvester Andre Rollins. You decieved us!

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