Rony Jean/ Rony Charles is back in the Detention Centre today awaiting a decision as the case has now been filed in the Court of Appeal!


A BP Sunday Special Report!
Fred Smith must prove that his client was born in the Bahamas and must supply the court with all supporting documents of Jean-Chales parents births, status, and his records of school, place of baptism and the likes…

Does agent Rony Jean-Charles have any supporting documents required for citizenship status is the question!

Nassau – Agent Roni Jean aka Rony Jean aka Jean Rony aka Rony Charles is back in the Bahamas and we understand is now in the custody of officials at the Detention Centre, off Carmichael Road.

Last week in the Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hilton ordered the return of Rony Charles back to the Bahamas and ordered the people of the Bahamas to have him returned.

Now the ruling comes amidst many questions, one which even Justice Hilton noted that he himself could not confirm: the real identity of the individual whose matter was before him.

On January 31, following the ruling of the court, an emergency travel document was issued valid for one year for Mr. Jean-Charles, who was designated a Haitian national.

At the core of the Government’s argument is the premise that Mr Jean-Charles has no status in the Bahamas. No recorded records of birth. No baptismal certificate. No nothing other than an affidavit.

Attorney Fred Smith, QC, has protested his client’s identification as a Haitian national in court; presenting a receipt of the document, which could have been drawn up anywhere in the world! That receipt cannot to be regarded as an acceptance of Jean-Charles status. What is interesting is the fact that although Jean-Charles has the affidavit we put the question to his attorney: “WHAT IS HIS REAL AND TRUE NAME?”

Well on Friday past the Bahamas Government filed an urgent appeal against Justice Gregory Hilton’s landmark ruling on Jean-Charles. This case will be interesting to watch. In a certificate of urgency the Attorney General’s Office wrote: “The appeal involves the interpretation of Constitutional provisions and the Immigration Act. Further this appeal has far reaching implications and is a matter of national importance to the Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and to the country as a whole and a speedy resolution of this matter will provide clarity in the area of Immigration Law.”

In BP’s own legal review of the matter we lay clearly some points that must be examined:

1. Jean-Charles’ attorney must show of proof in a clearly spelt out document the sex, the weight and eye colour of Jean-Charles as an infant; specifying which island, constituency and address the said birth had occurred! This will be interesting!

2. The court could also not be furnished with any details as to the legitimacy of the immigration status of the mother and father. The status of that relationship [married or common law or single parent] Every right-thinking citizen and officers in the records agency, which handle such matters in the governance of this place [or anywhere else in the world], knows that these are indeed common supporting documents in a legitimate Bahamian birth certificate! Where are such items in support of Jean –Charles right to Bahamian citizenship?

3. Can Jean-Charles attorneys also provide the following: A Baptismal certificate, inoculation dates and school with supporting registration records. Proof of requests for registration as a citizen of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas upon reaching the age of 18; proving a right to apply for Bahamian Citizenship from infancy. And if his parents were not Bahamian and yet he failed to apply where was he all these years?

Is Jean-Charles some agent from another foreign country – acting or representing on their behalf? Attempting to assist in some destabilization exercise of the Bahamas?

This is a landmark case and Bahamas Press is now on the case!

We report yinner decide!