Rooms in Nassau going fast as PLP delegates say farewell to leadership


bradtommy<<< Bradley Roberts blasting Tommy Turnquest at a work site.


Nassau, Bahamas – There is a gathering of the clouds around the Sir Lynden Pindling Centre, the headquarters of the PLP.

From New York to California. From London to Canada and all over The Bahamas PLPs are booking tickets into the capital to witness the historic convention this October. Operators deep in the belly of the PLP say, they are coming to witness the quiet revolution of the party as delegates rid the party of its entire leadership.

Bahamas Press has learned that Christie will face the toughest fight of his political life from the young people on the floor of the convention; as they say GOODBYE to the its weak leadership. “It is the end of this Christie Ingraham era, and this October, we will make it END FOR CHRISTIE!” the source told BP.

“The young people will line the convention floor from all over the country, and they are coming to begin the wheels of CHANGE in our country. I am sorry for those who cannot read the writing on the wall of the party and that message written says it in simple youthful language, ‘ROLLOUT!’

On yesterday one youthful delegate of the Party threw their support for the Chairmanship behind Bradley Robert. “We will also return BIG BAD BRAD to the charge of the Party. I will be doing the honours of placing his name in the hat for that race and from there our battle will begin,” the 26 year-old delegate told BP.

Roberts was guest on the Gems 105.9 afternoon talk show on yesterday, where he slammed Ingraham to the political floor calling him a “LIAR” on National Radio. Listen to Bradley from the Gems 105.9 FM

Bahamas Press has reported that a ‘DARK HORSE’ will enter the race for the leadership of the PLP at the October convention.



  1. The young people will speak loud and clear. We want new leadership in both the FNM and PLP that would help citizens and not the few.

  2. Get them BP, that interview was so funny. Old damn crook on the radio same old gangsters FNM and PLP. Wake up people don’t let these POwer Hungry crooks back in yall lives.

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