Royal Eagle Lodge #1: Election Soon Come and Da Tief Throwing Drunken Orgies – 2


Worshipful Master, Uriel Johnson aka Da Tief – Boy I tell ya – If you don’t laugh you will holler!

What a country!

BP has recovered from the last article it wrote on this once historic lodge which is now brimming over with drunken revelry. BP had a big headache from information gathered on that lodge and its tiefing Worshipful Master, Uriel Johnson aka Da Tief. What a guy!!

Good Masons are still up in arms over the wild, all you can drink $20 party, thrown by Royal Eagle Lodge under the leadership of its Worshipful Master, but what they learned is even more Masonicaly dutty and disturbing. Some time back BP reported that the Worshipful Master got shot in the ghetto while balling his ghetto friends. He was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital where Mai Rahming, the drunken Secretary of that lodge, works. After being patched together the Worshipful Master was in a sweat forcing doctors’ hands to let him stay in the hospital even though he was good enough to leave. Good Masons thought he was ducking his usual bill collectors but it was not so. What was really happening was that Da Tief was scared to leave the hospital because an army of Fair Maidens, more than one bursting with pregnancy, were lay waiting him at the entrance to deal with him accordingly. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS???

BP has no Masonic ties but we understand Worshipful Masters should be men of good repute – flawless even. Well listen to dis! Pandemonium broke out at Princess Margaret Hospital when Da Tief came out of surgery. He opened his eyes to an angry mob of Fair Maidens who demanded to know who was the Fairest of Them All. The drunken secretary sobered up when he was called from his desk to assist other visiting Masons in calming the angry mob. All of  the maidens spoke loudly about favors they do for the hapless tief. So we have exposed Da Tief as not only a bad choice to head that historic lodge, but also a man who takes advantage of women as well.

Let’s examine Da Tief’s game. He has no fixed address. He only can be contacted on a cell phone, never a land line. He moves only by night. He owes everyone but wears the finest of clothes and drives a big time ride. Most of his fair maidens are bankers, offshore bankers and lawyers among other professions. – he chooses them wisely, making sure they are in a position to support him.  He sleeps to a different house each night. He calls every woman baby and sweetie. He is crafty and slick and would con a female out of her very drawers. WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS DIS???

The Good Masons found out that Da Tief had a baby born in January of this year and two to be born before the year ends. Add those three children to the SEVEN that the Wutless Tief already has and that number is TEN to an unmarried man. WUTLESS!!!! The Wutless Master goes from Masonic Order to Masonic Order preying on the sisters who are in professions beneficial to him. Ronnick Tinker, a sister in Prince Hall Lodge, has been used and abused by this Wutless Master, Da Tief, but just would not get it in her thick skull that this slick talker is a man who suckers women financially who means her no good. The Naive Tinker Bell Fair Maiden was in the posse of concerned maidens at the hospital when Da Tief ran hot and told them all to get out while the portly lodge men and da drunken, big-bellied secretary were desperately trying to hold the women back from killing each other. Tinker Bell vowed never to have anything to do with the Wutless Teifing Master again but he has a sweet, smooth and slippery tongue so the Good Masons expect her to return to his fold of fair maidens any day now.

Da Tief is suppose to be a carpenter and a construction professional yet the Prince Hall building is in a state of disrepair. Patrons are drinking in the bar downstairs only to have the lights go out on them or hear crackling sounds of wild electricity skipping through the building. But the party goes on with Da Tief and he does not care if the building burns down, as long as he is in that Worshipful Master’s chair with his Merry Men surrounding him and his name on the entrance to the building.

To sum up this man, he is balling off the lodge’s money which he is demanding from the drunken caretakers – treasurer and secretary; he is an unmarried womanizer; he is a tief; he is a con man and crook and at times a bully but he is in charge of one of the most historic lodges in The Bahamas. Everyone in Prince Hall knows this including the Grand Master and Grand Lodge but this man is allowed to continue on in his position and nail his name to the wall of building throwing it all in the Grand Lodge’s face.


Good Masons are crying out to the Grand Lodge to have this disgrace of a Mason stripped and removed from his position but their cries are falling on deaf ears. If they do not remove him and save the lodge’s face, this Wutless Excuse of a Man and Mason will be removed by vote during the lodge’s elections. We wondered why this man was put in the position he holds and were told that Da Tief was nominated for the title Worshipful Master by the outgoing Love Sick Worshipful Master, Juan Bethel, who was in partnership running the lodge into the ground with Da Tief buying cars for himself and his girlfriend.  The Grand Lodge should do the right thing and make the organization see that they are upstanding men. They also need to stop the Masons from preying on the sisters in the lodge.

BP will be back with more information on the wutless, womanizing, drunken members of this lodge. We will take a break for now. Its hard climbing up the ladder to peep in the windows of this three story building now that they have axed down the tree of knowledge that BP use to sit under in the parking lot.