Royal Eagle Lodge – Sea Urchins – Lies and Orgies – Part Two

What in the hell is dis?

BP bought some cold, refreshing beverages from a popular club on Blue Hill Road very recently and leaned up against a car’s bumper to catch some gapseed. The unsuspecting brothers of Royal Eagle Lodge had just descended the stairwell from a lodge meeting and were chatting among themselves in the parking lot. BP came up in several conversations and so we want to let Da Tiefing Worshipful Master, Uriel “Rabbie” Johnson, know he has NO FRIENDS in his lodge and the no-good, adultering, love sick, former Worshipful Master, Juan Bethel, is just the same.

The young brothers seem to agree with what BP had to say as they measured the characters of both Worshipful Masters and noted that both of them were WUTLESS and not worthy of holding that prestigious position. One stole from the lodge and disgraced his worthy brothers and one didn’t know his broke backside from his elbow and had his biggety girlfriend running his lodge, calling the shots, while he picked off good brothers who he thought took a fancy to her.

These young brothers were perplexed and wondered if both Worshipful Masters, who are homeless, have no shame. Da Tief sleeps from woman to woman’s house at night, hatching children everywhere he goes, got shot several times and has a career in ducking bill collectors and using women for money, clothes and food. The love sick former Worshipful Master is still holding on to his mother’s gown tail living shamelessly in her house, but he doesn’t care as he spends little time there. His broke behind likes the high life so he travels West most of the time leaving his drunken sailor wife with his children in his ma house.

BP had to put hand over mouth not to bust out laughing when the brothers brought up Ronnick Tinker, the banker sister of the lodge who adores Da Tief’s very draws (which she probably bought). Da Tief has about 12 other women but she walks around the lodge hall like a peacock holding her head high when she is nothing but a bowl of humor for the brothers. She cannot be anything like her name, a Tinker, (Thinker) because she obviously doesn’t think enough about making wise choices as far as Da Tief is concerned. BP wanna know what Da Tief does do so to have the women so fool. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS???!!!!

BP also heard the young brothers talking about the two womanizing, adultering drunkards – Heckle and Jeckle – the lodge secretary, Mai Rahming and the treasurer, Oral Newbold. Heckle and Jeckle are up to no good it seems, continuing to spend up the lodge money unnecessarily at Da Tief’s request and hanging out in Blue Waters drinking liquor and feeling up women. According to what the young, big-boned brothers were saying these two jokers are not respected and seem not to care much for Da Tiefing Worshipful Master. The young brothers said as far as Heckle and Jeckle are concerned lodge is one big party – free liquor and loose and foolish women.

BP wants to warn any male trying to get into Prince Hall Lodge or Royal Eagle Lodge to think again. This once historic lodge has gone to the dogs!! Bullet ridden, tiefing, womanizing, baby-daddying, adultering, love sick, broke backside, drunken, orgy holding men are running the lodges and the big chiefs of the organization seem to be satisfied with it. Prince Hall Lodge is a disgrace to all Masonic Orders in this country. Stay away!!!