Russian couple on holiday robbed inside their Villas Resort in Coral Harbour just hours after landing in the capital!


Why was this serious report never published by police? Someone must now speak to this level of unreported violence now killing the goose Tourism!

Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and his top brass.

Nassau – A Russian couple on holiday in the Bahamas got the shock of their lives after being robbed in a gated community last night.

Bahamas Press, which is now the only source of real breaking news in the country, is tracking the story, which has yet to be reported by police.

We can tell you only hours after landing in the Bahamas the visitors were assaulted and robbed at gunpoint of some $5,000 in cash inside their gated villas community in Coral Harbour.

The pair were also fleeced of credit cards and jewelry and left near naked financially after travelling almost halfway around the world.

Police – in a lengthy crime report this morning – didn’t include this horrific incident and we wonder why? Crime is down they say – but we believe someone is reading the stats upside down!

We report yinner decide!