Samaritan Purse to return to the country for the next six weeks to help with the COVID CRISIS!


PM Minnis must stop trying to run the country like a doctor and begin governing this place like a REAL PRIME MINISTER!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning an international medical team from Samaritan Purse, which assisted the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian, will return to the country to assist with the COVID pandemic.

We can report after seeing much of the death and distress on BP, which hit the world report all over, the group will set up a field hospital to treat the needs of the faint and dying.

BP can tell you from discussions the medical charity group will descend on the country for the next six weeks to help with the depleted and distressed medical staff in the Bahamas in the Covid fight. They did similarly in New York in the peek of the pandemic.

Just today a man, who is treated for dialysis at PMH, was discovered unresponsive inside his vehicle on the ground at PMH as he attempted to seek medical attention. Help at PMH is limited. Some nurses and doctors have not returned to work for two months, and the rest are burnt!

Meanwhile, an elderly 70 year old contacted BP late on Friday seeking medicine at the pharmacy, but Dr. Minnis has shut down all pharmacies and food stores for the entire holiday weekend. Now that is smart eh? SOME PEOPLE WILL DIE!

We are told when Samaritan Purse leaves the country they will leave the country with its equipment.

Americans have been warned to not visit the Bahamas as PM Minnis has thrown the country into a State of EMERGENCY  for the past seven months. There is no end to this as long as he is PM.

We ask Minnis to stop running the country like a doctor and start managing this place like a REAL PRIME MINISTER should!

We report yinner decide!