Sandals treatment of Bahamians EXPOSED By Bahamas Press


While Sandals continues to frantically search company computers and intimidate employees by telling them they are searching their personal computers at home, Sandals need not worry about correct information that is being revealed.

Instead, Sandals needs to focus on treating Bahamians right in this country! While countless qualified Bahamians are seeking employment, Sandals is able to bring in expats for hotel jobs that Bahamians are more than qualified to perform. lets take a look a what Ingraham is allowing to occur in the Bahamas.

Here is a revised list of Expats at Sandals.

1.      General Manager

2.      Hotel Manager ($156,000 salary + $9,000 work permit + $24,000 housing allowance + $10,000 St. Andrew’s School fee = $199,000 plus Christmas bonus of 5%)

3.      Director of F & B

4.      F & B Manager (work permit says F & B Trainer)

5.      Financial Controller

6.      Asst. Financial Controller

7.      Internal Audit (Accounts Clerk)

8.      Operations Manager (high school drop-out $65,000 salary + $9,000 work permit + $18,000 housing allowance = total compensation $92,000. If he sees a cup on the ground he radios a Bahamian to come and pick it up. He would stand there for 15 minutes if he has to until someone from the other side of the hotel arrives.)

9.      Operations Manager (high school graduate)

10.   Director of Sales (former Bahamian Director of Sales, held a Marketing Degree and was certified by the Caribbean Hotel Association. After he trained expat (high school drop-out) he was fired)

11.   Asst. to Director of Guest Services (came in as intern now permanent employee)

12.   Restaurant Hostess (Work permit says Translator)

13.   Watersports Manager (Bahamian was demoted to make room for expat)

14.   Cost Controller (former Bahamian was terminated)

15.   Concierge Manager (was previously a clerk at Beaches in Turks. She curses at employees and is rude to guests. She has many letters on her file at HR, but nothing has been done. Dresses inappropriately. $30,000 salary + $7,000 gratuities +$9,000 work permit + $18,000 housing allowance = total compensation $64,000.)

Here's the man who is selling all of the weath of the Bahamas to the foreigners - Hubert 'MUGABE' Ingraham.

16.   Concierge Hostess (came in as an intern for 6 months. Has now been in The Bahamas 3 years. Work permit says translator. This is a lie she works in the concierge department. Is known for ‘performing favours’ for Sandals managing director. These favours have earned her a silver Pandora bracelet that she brags to everyone about.)

17.   Public Relations Executive

18.   Regional Gift Shop Manager

19.   Grounds Manager (former Bahamian was terminated)

20.   Chief Engineer (former Bahamian chief engineer is employed at the Hilton as Chief Engineer, so what’s wrong here?)

21.   Ass Chief Engineer (Bahamian was terminated to make room for expat)

22.   Security Manager (Can’t tell Bahamians enough how much he hates us. He is trying to get his Jamaican daughters residency. He intends to bring them in as students and then get them straight.)

23.    Executive Chef

24.   Asst. Executive Chef (former Bahamian is Executive Chef at Hilton)

25.   Asst Executive Chef

26.   Senior Executive Chef

27.   Sous Chef (Chinese restaurant)

28.   Executive Pastry Chef (Bahamian was terminated to make room for expat)

29.   Entertainment Manager (After 15 years in The Bahamas, Sandals has decided to send him back to Jamaica next week.) A work permit application has already been submitted.

30.   Spa Manager (referred to as The Hurricane)

31.   Projects Manager

While less than 6 of the expat managers hold degrees or certification, almost all of Sandals Bahamian Managers hold degrees from respected, reputable institutions.

Bahamian Managers

1.      Director of Human Resources – certification

2.      Director of Lodging – Caribbean Hotel Association Certification

3.      Director of Guest Services – Bachelors Degree

4.      Training Manager – Bachelors and Masters Degrees

5.      Weddings Manager – Bachelors Degree

6.      Transportation Manager – Bachelors Degree

7.      Photo Shop Manager, Associate Degree

8.      IT Manager – Bachelors Degree, Technology and Computer Certification

9.      Duty Manager, Bachelors Degree, American Hotel Association Certification

10.   Beverage Manager, Bachelors Degree (has been demoted over the years)

** Store room Manager was demoted to resort chauffeur

** Executive Assistant Manager demoted to Night Manager

** Former Public Relations Manager, Bachelors, Masters Degrees

** Former Executive Housekeeper, Certification

Last week Gift Shop Manager was again placed on probation. He has now been on probation for over a year as Sandals attempts to find a way to get rid of him and bring in an expat.

What is interesting about this is 2 things. While Sandals has an almost 90% expat management team in The Bahamas (Cable Beach and Exuma), this is not the case in Jamaica. In Jamaica Sandals management teams consist of 98% Jamaicans; in St. Lucia 95% St. Lucians. Even the General Managers are St. Lucians. How can the Minister of Labour and Immigration allow this?

In St. Lucia, work permits are only for one year and a St. Lucian must be identified to be trained and take the position over. But not in The Bahamas. We allow persons to have work permits for 15 years.

Here’s how Sandals operates. In most cases no ad is placed for management positions. If they do place an ad no interviews are conducted. If they interview qualified Bahamians Sandals offer a stupid salary. For example:

Sandals advertised for a transportation manager. Many qualified applicants responded. The salary offered was $20,000 they knew the father of 3 could not expect such a low salary. When Sandals advertised for an environmental manager many Bahamians with Bachelors and Masters degrees applied but none were hired because they were considered over qualified.

If Atlantis, Sheraton, Hilton and Breezes can identify and hire qualified Bahamians why can’t Sandals? This picture is not right. Which other hotel in The Bahamas holds so many work permits? Let’s go a little further which hotel in the Caribbean holds so many work permits.


  1. This is a bunch a ****. someone need to help out the Employees there. I was employeed there and was miss treated. I worked for almost 9 months and was not made permenant. My manager took me off the schedule and my manager did not even tellme.

  2. I was one of the Bahamain Sandals fired…..this trend had been going on for too long now. Upon my firing I went to the press in an attempt to exposed their sinister and wicked ways – now persons are beginning to get the picture. Sandals should be ask to leave this country – they are a waste. In their estimation no Bahamain is worthy enough to manage their property and they undermine us by implying that we are all in someway or the other theives. They do a good job selling that fallacy. But we all knows who the real theives are.

  3. not only them carrying against Bahamian black people for years there was a car wash on the property at sand trap as this man from Peru come and rent the club he flash his badge and told them they have to go what is going on here that mean young black Bahamian have no rights even the phone card guy who was telling on government side walk he was told by this man to move can some one check and see where this man come from flashing id to people

  4. Yall think Bahamians getting treated bad in the Bahamas, you should see the statistics in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Managers are changing commissions to suit themselves. For instance the Water Sports Manager has changed the commission compensation for instructor divers. He now gets a cut and has increased the commission earned by boat captains. Even the Jamaican instructors take exception to this and approach the GM. Of which he say “I don’t really care.”

    We have maids/room attendants from primarily Jamaica, the Philippines and Haiti – ALL ON WORK PERMIT and TI’s unemployed.

    Sandals wants to create a “Jamaican” village for each property. Forget being first in your own country.

  5. I am constantly questioning myself on whether we are returning to the days fo the UBP .Where black Bahamaians are second class citizens in our own country.We have to take a stand againts this we have sit to long allow this to push down our throat.Its not about FNM OR PLP first and formost you are bahamaian.The jamacians are taken over this country because some persons decide without quantification that we are not capable or educated,This is just to much and i am so annoed with this…..WE HAVE TO PUT A STOPPED THIS…

    • Well with the dogs now being put on us pissed, we have passed the stage of the UBP. The UBP would have never EVER SELL BTC.


  6. I dont blame Sandals, I blame the Immigration Dept, its Minister and the Minister of Labor and his entire department.

    There is no way that should be allowed to happen. Someone in one of those agencies should have caught on to the slow and deliberate purge of Bahamians at that resort!

    How can Sandals fire Bahamians with degrees and replace them with foreigners with high school diplomas and no one in the Immigration Dpt or Dpt of Labor says peep about it?

    We are second class citizens in our own country and whats even more sad is the fact that the government is a willing participant!

    No one says nothing to Sol and Butch and we know why!
    Lord help us all!

    • this is crazy! u go ahead and spread the gossip…u dont even knw what is goin on in sandals…u take gossip… dramatize it and put it in the paper…that is so sad…feel sorry for u…

  7. It would be interested to get a copy of all Heads of Agreement documents for the Sandals properties. It’s highly likely that the governments included such a high portion of work permits as part of the concessions portion of the agreements, in exchange for the continued investments from that Butch fellow. Also, it seems that these all inclusive resorts are doing extremely well in this soft economy, so I would venture to guess that their profits are at record levels.

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