Save da Bays suspects all of Louis Bacon’s workers have concerns about Communication Interception Bill –


Eileen Carron, Fred Smith and Elsworth Johnson

Bacon team didn’t say a damn word when it was discovered how Bahamians’ communications were being monitored by the NSA!

Nassau, Bahamas – Sometimes you must wonder why the usual suspects find their tongue when it is politically convenient for them to spew foolishness into the public air to create hysteria and asininity.

These voices, both from the legal sector and media [ALL WORKING FOR BACON], began to question the government’s move to table a Communication Interception Bill in the Parliament which would allow a Supreme Court Judge the sole authority to grant the Commissioner of Police the right to intercept communications of criminal suspects who pose a threat to National Security.

Last night, in a frantic attempt to bring clarity to the legislation, the nation’s decent Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson issued a statement where she noted, “The Interception Communications Bill (“ICB”) is a very important tool in the fight against crime, much of which is gang related, transnational and involving guns and drugs. Experts advise that without this crime fighting tool, drug trafficking, gun trafficking and other transnational and gang related crime, will increase and the police will be hampered in their ability to detect and investigate crime and prosecute criminals.”

But the usual suspects, like the former Bar Council President Elsworth Johnson, Save da Bays Director Fred Smith and Save the Bays editorial mama Eileen Carron, had opposing views and questioned the intent of the government as it seeks to encroach on the civil liberties of citizens.

Now, yinner know BP ga mash up dese Louis Bacon Save Da Bays panty- wearing suspects, because we know dey – in all their years of service for the slave traders – had never once in a day stood on the side of Bahamians. One a dem just concluded in a meeting that black Bahamians are “Racists”. But check out the credentials of the people who does hire him and that says a lot!

Carron, Smith and Johnson amazingly want no court-investigating suspects who are involved with criminal activity and we know why.

Their position is understood particularly since the developments of Toggie and Bobo and their concocted Murder for Hire LIE PLOT! Save da Bays ran to their “special judge” to gag the Parliament of the Bahamas from exposing their email plot to destabilize the Bahamas! Yinner ‘VICKED’!

So Bahamas Press ga take Carron, Smith and Johnson back to 2014 when it was revealed by a whistleblower that the United States National Security Agency was secretly intercepting, recording, and archiving the audio of virtually every cell phone conversation on the island nation of the Bahamas.

According to documents provided by NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, the surveillance is part of a top-secret system – code-named SOMALGET – that was implemented without the knowledge or consent of the Bahamian government.

Now, when that happened, we know Papa was baking a cake to sell BEC and by extension pass over the national patrimony into the hands of foreigners. And by doing so, he exposed every Bahamian to a national security threat. And so here’s our question:

– When Papa Dem allowed the avenue for every Bahamian to be tapped, traced and tracked by a foreign global power, where yinner think were the voices of Save Da Bays suspects Fred Smith, Eileen Carron and Elsworth Johnson?

– When the discovery was revealed of the tapes, how come no one in the Tribune thought to raise all hell and cane about what was taking place against the will or knowledge of Bahamians?

– And how come, since finding this out after many news reports on US Networks and TV shows, neither Fred Smith, Eileen Carron nor Elsworth Johnson or any other suspect of Save da Bays have commented on those Snowden revelations?

Imagine that some people would rather a foreign power snoop on Bahamians before agreeing with the authority of the state to protect Bahamians from persons with criminal intents.

If ya have nothing to hide, then why be afraid?

We report yinner decide!