Save the Bays must explain how it moved money like TERRORISTS!

Save the Bays is operating in the Bahamas like a TERRORIST CELL and no one could get them to disclose their source of funding….

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press remains committed to calling on authorities FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC to look into the movement of huge sums of money between the organization of Save the Bays and a major financier out of New York.

Bahamas Press has been following these extremely suspicious payments which have now been traced between New York, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos and into The Bahamas.

Save the Bays has yet to declare how it became the receiver of millions to exercise, according to its website, a commitment to “preserve and protect the Bahamian environment through proactive policy change, education, legal action and advocacy.”

The group, who we now believe is funded by Louis Bacon, has collected millions into the Bahamas and some suggest that the group moved and collected money like a “TERRORIST” organization.

Bahamas Press calls on all international agencies to look deeper into this and answer the question about how millions were moved into the Bahamas to Save The Bays which is registered in New York!

We report yinner decide!