Scotia Bank Bahamas letting people GO! WHAT IS THIS?


scotia-bank-bah1Downtown, NassauBahamas Press smells a rat on the top floor of the Scotia Bank building in downtown Nassau. We sell a BIG RAT, and we are still on the ground floor. Bahamas Press has learned that executives at that lending institution are being terminated one by one, and we want to know why?

We’ve learned senior manager Cleopatra Christie was terminated on last week, and also lined up for the axe was Wade Christie. Now if this was Perry Christie, BP would have had no axe to grind in the matter, but these are Bahamians!

But guest what we’ve learned?bmalcolm

We now know that applications by the bank have been made to the Immigration Department to replace those fired Bahamians with labour out of Canada! WHAT!? How could Barry Malcolm do such a thing against his own? You know this is the same reason why he was FIRED from the Grand Bahama Port Authority!

BP was told even Mugabe, the national SELLOUT specialist, has questioned the bank’s actions, after Wade went pleading to him to save his job. We understand Mugabe contacted former FNM Senator and Chairman of BCB Malcolm, and asked him, “What in the hell is going on at the bank?”

BP is appalled by Scotia Bank Bahamas actions and warns the bank to recind their decisions. This cannot be happening to hardworking Bahamians! Thirty-six years (36) later and professional Bahamian bankers are being axed to make room for expats? WHERE IS OUR MILO AND LO? My goodness Christies getting fired and not a DAMN WORD FROM THE PUSSY CAT!


  1. Farewell Barry….After allowing many key Executives of Scotiabank to be terminated, such as Wayde Christie, Cleopatra Christie and many others, and ringing in a $29 Million loss in 2010, It is your turn now!! I wonder how it feels to be kicked??

  2. It’s amazing that we are not prepared to stand up and be counted. Is it that the brother is being pressured to kick his people to the curb and bring in the foreigners to work and vacation in Paradise at the same time? How did Malcolm get to head the bank anyway? You tell me, all those fellas who been in the bank for umteen years can’t run the bank? Boy they in bad shape, they better learn fast or let McSweeney from BOB teach them how to run a bank.
    Since we are talking about Scotia Bank, who made the dumb decision to open a branch by the caves? The only people they will see will be the tourist visiting the caves!!

  3. Not GB. your keep him over there. we done run him from here. Barry like whaterver the white man say. Ingraham should stop this but he just as weak as PC. We need a generational change

  4. Now you’ll see Tucker wasn’t talking sh -iit when I told you that long gone are the days of Sir Lynden and Sir Milo.. Ya see what Ingraham said in the House Yesterday…. All he wants is the House of Assembly is to be closed on time so he can take his 10 day vacation…. ” mudda sick” dis bey don’t give jack sh ii t about Bahamians and their plight…but it’s a matter of trust. Yep indeed…

    On the note of Barry Malcolm…. Looks like everything he touches turns dull and shiiiitty… for eg… The FNM, THE GRAND BAHAMA PORT AUTHORITY, AND NOW SCOTIA BANK…


  5. Wow, the worst is yet to come. This recession was a blessing to business owners, it enabled them to correct years of poor service, management, and even unnecessary streamlining.

  6. Kevin, why would they bring more expats in when it will costs more to house them send their brats to St. Andrews, etc.? The government does not care, in fact, they can get as much as 10k a head, so it is up to us to defend our tings. That you know what has always been a white man lover. Check his record.

  7. Let this be a warning to Bahamians.As soon as BTC is sold there will be a MASSIVE TERMINATION OF BAHAMIAN MANAGERS AND TECHNICAL EXPERTS AND A HUGE INFLUX OF EXPATS!!!

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