Sears: You promise (INGRAHAM) you promise!



Alfred Sears slaughters the Ingraham government on its failed records and bogus promises to the Bahamian people in the House of Assembly today.

The Audio of Alfred Sears Slamming the Ingraham Government on LIES TO THE PEOPLE!

Nassau, Bahamas: Can a Alfred Sears be voice in the future leadership of this country? A clean sweeping attack on the WUTLESS Ingraham government today in the House of Assembly by Fort Charlotte MP, Alfred Sears flickered some light of HOPE AND CHANGE in a dark tunnel of despair in the Bahamas. Sears slamming attacks on the Ingraham government’s performance caused Hubert Ingraham to ran out of the chamber during its afternoon sitting, as he also made sitting members of the FNM’s bench uncomfortable.

Taking them back into the many bogus promises won on a ‘COOKIE JAR COMMERCIAL’, Sears proved to the people that the FNM has NO PLAN to move the Bahamas forward.

As we said, Sears’ attacks were soo hard and factual that Hubert ‘the toothless lion’ Ingraham ran off the floor of the House. Christie was not there to silence Sears and so Hubert had no help. Now all we say to politicos is this country is this, watch this picture closely. Watch to see if the Wutless media will remind their readers tomorrow morning of the promise by Ingraham to introduce the ‘Freedom Information Act’! Sears was so strong as he reminded the House and viewers around the country with that failed promise, that it caused Ingraham to conclude he take it anymore. We wonder if that too will find its way on pages of tomorrow morning’s papers.We will watch and see if Christie will be as poweful in his criticims of the Ingraham government as Sears was today. However we all know Sears will NOT get any favour from the FNM’s WUTLESS media TRIBUNE at all.

All we at Bahamas Press tell SEARS to do now is find to SHANE GIBSON and start the ball rolling for the transformation of a New Opposition PARTY.


  1. Only Alfred Sears and Fred Mitchell seems to be awake in the Opposition. Seems like even Frank Smith gone to sleep.

  2. BP YOU predicted right again. I was surprise Mr. Alfred Sears did not get any press coverage for his contribution this Tuesday. To hear the opposition member speak that strong in the presence of the PM? I thought all the loose canons were held at bay. I guess Sears throw his rock while his chief where not presence, or maybe Christie was watching on TV.
    I would hate to think what you wrote on Tuesday about the press or ZNS was through, but I think you’re on to something.

  3. Well, i guess you guys will be bringing K.Bell back in if the PLP returns with a Sears/ Gibson ticket. Let get it on Urban Renewal

  4. Just to put this post back into perspective, I want you persons to notice something, as powerful as those statement were by Sears on Monday, like we predicted NOT A WORD would be published in THE WUTLESS MEDIA! NOT A WORD,. Now why they scared a SEARS and SHANE?, And I have another name what could top that LIST, Allyson Gibson-Maynard!

    Sears talked about the much taunted “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT!” But where is the media? How come the pressure was on the PLP to bring it forward, BUT NOT A WORD IN THE PAPERS ABOUT IT NOW? hmmm? BAHAMAS PRESS WANTS TO KNOW! SPEAK UP WUTLESS MEDIA, SPEAK UP!

    Oh and someone please tell the WUTLESS PLP webmaster and the SCRIBE writer, in the Churchill Building who stay in here, we at BP know what they both have in common! And look closely now FNMs Bahamas Press has your replacements for Hubert Ingraham as well…Stay Tuned!

    BAHAMAS Press/ Editor

  5. Bennie…The Country is a joke. Hubert and George to me is just alike. Come in with no plan and have their contry as a laughing stock and have people like Thomas defending crap. Shane did a good job thats why HI mess him. The FNM was a wicked force between 2005 and 2007. They could not stand the PLP being in power now we regret listening to those promises echoing in Manifesto 07…Look at you country look at it…are you pleased????

  6. Thomas Finley you really need to take it easy in your defence of Hubert Ingraham. I hope he is paying you well.

  7. Sears to find Gibson for what. To read out his indictment of crimes while minister in the old government. Please. let us not go there. You think the country needs any more jokes.

  8. HemiBahama,
    Shane Gibson got BALLS, intestinal fortitude, political will, and maybe he is a money magician, having the will to control BTC’s union chief “Fat Fuarkie” for so many years, Shane’s got to be good.

    The way he ran those Haitians of Crown Land, not having police protection, is an awesome feat. Like lofters Roker, he has made an impression in the minds of the Bahamians people.
    Minister B. McCartney is following suit. If you do the right thing as an Immigration Minister you can become very popular.
    The sad thing is you just need to make it look like you’re doing something to impress the Bahamian electorate.

  9. Shane Gibson media. Man no one is more a crook than Gibson. For working for Batelco to Millionaire over night. IF the PLP know what good for them they will leave Shane alone with those buried secrets. Housing ring a bell. Find so one else.

  10. Question? Why Sears aint tell the judges to go on strike when he was Attorney General.
    What the hell ?

  11. MR.Ingraham’s legacy will be the only prime minister who brought down the quality of life exponentially for our citizens in an independent bahamas,
    in fourteen months after being elected.

  12. You people who define yourselves by which cult you support, do not mix me up in that, ok? Right thinking politicians in both major parties have long lamented the fact that the idiots really run things because they are more of them than the rest of us, and thus pick our governments…( Loftus Roker, Charles Carter, Pierre Dupuch, & others who escape me..)

  13. ronica7, there is no use in trying. If there is one thing I have learned about Thomas on this site, he will defend and make sense of even the most asinine utterance to come out of Hubert Ingraham and the FNM. He is just another political groupie.

  14. finley, it was your leader who said during the election campaign ” erry ten police you see eight of them voting fnm” now how silly and irresponsible is that.

  15. The Judiciary is a co-equal arm of serious person would suggest that Parliament strike, or that the Cabinet should strike, so I am sticking to my contention that because Sears ran on with irrelevant non-sense, in addition calling for our legal system to be shut down, that he is an irresponsible, up and down, back to front arse!

  16. Thomas, Ingraham say all the immigrants picked up in raids should sue the government and y’all put him in charge. Thats why we in this trouble now.

  17. Sears said on the radio yesterday that the Judges should go on strike. You want something like that in charge of anything in this country, much less the PLP?

  18. i agree. let Sears and the new comers like Paul Moss and Sen Fitzgerald play a role. Gibson has baggage. Obie is too slick and no experience. in truth lets start the party over

  19. After listening to this audio, we now see why the Bahamas Information Service would never give the Opposition copies of their audio contribution. SEARS PLEASE GET YOUR PARTY TO RECORD THE AUDIO AS WE HAVE, AND GET THEM ONLINE FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR!

    As it currently stands, the Opposition is silenced and no one know what is happening. Just look how much talk was in the House about websites if you don’t believe us. PEOPLE READING THIS STUFF ONLINE! NOT IN THE WUTLESS NEWSPAPERS!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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