Security Company contract terminated after resort discovered staff were not being paid

The SuperClub Breezes Hotel on Cable Beach

Nassau, Bahamas — We are following breaking news out of the Breezes Hotel at this hour.

BP has learnt the security contract at the resort has been terminated and workers of that firm have been dismissed.

We can tell you the contract was terminated due to the contractor’s failure to pay workers in a timely manner.

We are told workers showed up for work all to be turned away because their employer [OWNER OF THE SECURITY FIRM] failed to notify them that the contract had been suspended with the property.

Resorts sources tell us the actions of the security firm was not in keeping with the resort’s standards.

The security firm is said to be failing.


  1. Man he built a whole number place with the people money. Top class Security Company is the worst to work for. The boss man is discourage people from working. They be waiting all day man. I am so glad that he got exposed beacause he was not doing a good job he was doing fool. He have other contracts he need to loose them 2. He ain’t doing the right thing man.Him and his wife do not know how to run any buisness man they dont even know what they doing!!

  2. Same thing at Harbour Bay. There last day is Sunday the same Security Firm that took over Breezes will be taking rove at Harbour Bay! The Security Guards are not paid, the Owen of the firm. He robs Peter to pay Paul, now its gotten out of order!!

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