Selfish News Man Jets Off to Africa Leaving Reporters Behind

Jerome Sawyer

Kendeno Knowles

Nassau, Bahamas – Selfish News Man Jerome Sawyer is on a flight right now destined for Africa. Another opportunity for a reporter taken by this selfish man who refuses to accept the fact that he is a washed up sissy who has passed his time. 

It is super sad to see people grabbing on to the little scraps of fame they can find around. All the while staff are leaving OurNews and moving on with their lives, successfully. 

BP is the first to warn you to look out for the snow fall of sissies that are soon to come to OurNews. Young sissies too!! Don’t say BP didn’t tell you!!

Well by damn! Speaking of sissies! It seems like only Jerome and his lover Kendeno Knowles can travel for the company. When Sawyer isn’t flying off all over the place spending up OurNews money, he is sanctioning trips for his lover Kendeno to fly all over the place authorizing whatever he wants to make the soft boy comfortable. 

A mosquito whispered in BP’s ears that staff at OurNews are outraged by Sawyer’s blatant and constant protection of Knowles when he violates the rights of staff, making demands that are outside of their scope of work and leaning over young men as they carry out their duties. 

Come back home Sawyer! Stop spending up OurNews money!! Stop taking advantage of the Government on these trips when you know you are a big time DAMN FNM! 

What a time in Babylon! We Report Yinne DECIDE!