Selma-Alabama Businessman Arrested in The Bahamas Now on Bail


Kenneth Talmage Ross a Selma, Alabama native now on bail.

Nassau Bahamas – Businessman, Kenneth Talmadge Ross, 45 years old, owner of R&R Erecting Company, Selma, Alabama, was arrested on Oct. 4, 2007 in Nassau, Bahamas and charged with Causing Damage, Trespassing, Attempted Robbery and Causing Harm.

The charges stem from Ross being dismissed from a condominium development project, for physically-abusive actions towards workers on the job site and subsequently, he was charged with physically confronting the owner of the development project.

Ross, whose company erects cranes to do work on high rise buildings, is out of jail and on bail in The Bahamas. The case for this Selma, Alabama native continues on Nov. 14, 2007.